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REI Forms Live
Easy to use – anywhere, anytime.

Complete your agreements and forms online with Forms Live.


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Save time and money with Forms Live – the online agreements and forms product designed to make everyday business easier for you.

The web-based Forms Live product brings you instantly accessible agreements and forms, available whenever you need them. Whether you’re in the office or out on the road, all you need is an internet connection to login to Forms Live.

Our web app optimises the site for a range of devices, including iPads and Android tablets – so it’s perfect for agents who are on the go.

For small-volume users we have a pay-as-you-go option, where you can out as little as $10 on your account and only use it as you need to. As a high-volume user, you can purchase a subscription and use as many agreements and forms as you like.

However you use it, Forms Live is designed to be flexible, easily accessible and simple to use – making everyday business easier for you. 

REI Forms Live now integrated with REST Professional

REI Forms Live is now integrated with REST Professional (version 10.5 and later), the popular property management and sales trust accounting software solution from Rockend.

This means that REI Forms Live users can now auto-populate their agreements and forms from REST without having to re-enter data. You can also save completed agreements and forms directly back to REST document management or fileSMART.

Tried, tested and legally compliant

REI Forms Live uses REINSW agreements and forms, which are legally compliant and 100% backed by REINSW.

These agreements and forms have been developed over the past twenty years by some of the industry's best lawyers. They have been developed to comprehensively protect your interests. REINSW Forms Live is the only online system that uses REINSW's agreements and forms.

Flexible payment options

Pay per form
Get started by charging as little as $10 to your account, and then pay per agreement or form as you complete them (prices start from just $0.35). You are not locked into a contract. Only pay for what you use – one agreement or form at a time!

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Pay by subscription
Pay a flat fee and have unlimited use of REI Forms Live. Paying by subscription means you can create as many forms as you need during the annual subscription period.

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REI Forms Live

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