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5 - A word from the President

6 - In brief


10 - Leading the way

16 - Onwards and upwards

18 - From Scotland to Sydney


20 - Time to celebrate

26 - Pre-market popularity surges

28 - Keep your options open

30 - Bastions of industry

34 - Your REI Forms Live questions answered

36 - Don’t dodge disclosure


38 - Training update


41 - New Members

42 - In the Media

The Real Estate Journal is the official magazine of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Exclusive to REINSW members, the Journal features industry news, updates, analysis and much more.

November/December 2020

In this edition:

  • Onwards and upwards
    Crown Group’s Anthony Caudullo is at the top of his property management career and focused on giving back to the industry.
  • Pre-market popularity surges
    Agents are rethinking the way they do business, with pre-market sales resulting in faster transactions and premium prices.
  • Bastions of industry
    The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for REINSW’s Chapter Committees.
  • Don’t dodge disclosure
    Why you should spend time carefully considering your disclosure obligations when renewing your professional indemnity insurance.
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