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12 - Hail to our property managers

14 - Real estate all-star

20 - Strength to strength


22 - Help is on hand


25 - Foot in the door

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28 - Buying is booming

32 - Building defects under the spotlight

34 - Must know secrets of search marketing

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The Real Estate Journal is the official magazine of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Exclusive to REINSW members, the Journal features industry news, updates, analysis and much more.

September/October 2020

In this edition:

  • Hail to our property managers
    REINSW members took time out on 24 July 2020 to celebrate the inaugural National Property Managers Day.
  • Strength to strength
    CPG Southern Sydney is a thriving agency focused on commercial property management, sales and leasing.
  • Foot in the door
    Property managers and homelessness services are working together to find positive outcomes for tenants in distress.
  • Building defects under the spotlight
    Learn how the liability landscape has changed with the start of new legislation.
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