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UPDATE: The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018

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The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 is now in Parliament and public debate has finally commenced.

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Rental availability increases across Sydney

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REINSW's August Vacancy Rate Survey shows rental availability across Sydney is increasing.

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Housing prices continue to fall, says REIA

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REIA report shows median house prices are slipping across Australia.

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Real estate cybercrime still on the rise

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Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting real estate transactions. Find out how one of Australia's Big Banks recommends you protect your business.

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Properties quick to sell in upbeat Southern Highlands market, says DiJONES

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DiJONES's head auctioneer says Sydney-siders are hot for the Southern Highlands character homes and lifestyle.

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Commercial prices soar in Sydney CBD's South

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Savills Australia says Haymarket and surrounding suburbs are experiencing a resurgence.

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Managing tenancies through mental health

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Achieving harmony when your tenant suffers mental illness or is experiencing domestic violence or financial instability.

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More affordable market for most, says REIA

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REIA and Adelaide Bank reveal state of housing market in Australia.

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Interest rates remain steady

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REINSW president, Leanne Pilkington, comments on the RBA's decision to keep interest rates at 1.50 per cent.

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It’s your time – so take it back, says real estate coach

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Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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