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Agreements and forms
REINSW agreements and forms set the industry standard and are the most widely-recognised agreements and forms available.
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REI Forms Live
Complete your agreements and forms online.
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Inspect Live
The easiest way to conduct your REI Forms Live condition reports.
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The REINSW Store is your comprehensive one-stop shop for real estate agreements and forms, products, books, stickers and more - everything you need to do your job.

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REINSW stocks a range of products - signs and stickers, A-frame signs and more.
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NSW Fair Trading Factsheets
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Notice of Revised Estimated Selling Price
The new underquoting laws became effective on 1st January 2016.  One of the main aspects of the new rules is that an agent should regularly revise the estimated selling price of a property and formally advise the seller of this revision.
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Free form: Record of property inspections

REINSW has created a new standard form to help licensees comply with new legislation.
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Strata Management Proxy Appointment Form
REINSW has created a new Proxy Appointment Form (FL00010) to record who the owners of lots appoint as their proxy for purposes of meetings of the owners corporation. It also includes the term of their appointment and rights of the proxies.
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Strata model by-laws survey
REINSW members can now access a FREE strata model by-laws survey to help find out lot owners’ preferences on a variety of by-law matters.
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Email Consent Form
REINSW members can now access a FREE Email Consent Form which you can use to advise your tenants and landlords of how to serve notices by email.
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NSW Fair Trading Proof of Identity Checklist
You can now access a FREE Proof of Identity Checklist.
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