Supervisions Guidelines Manual/Portal

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Supervision Guidelines Portal
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This online portal hosts REINSW’s Supervision Guidelines Template and gives you access to other important and useful compliance resources, benefits and services to assist your compliance with NSW Fair Trading’s Supervision Guidelines.
Importantly, it is a requirement for your agency to have operational procedures in place to ensure compliance, and REINSW’s Supervision Guidelines Template is a step-by-step online tool, developed to help you implement the Supervision Guidelines with ease and efficiency. All you need to do is customise it to reflect your agency’s specific practices and procedures.
The Supervision Guidelines Template and other compliance documents on the portal have been developed by the experienced compliance team at REINSW, who are on top of the latest legislation to best prepare you when NSW Fair Trading comes knocking to audit your agency.
The Supervision Guidelines Portal is the most effective tool on the market for principal licensees and licensees in charge.
Your purchase gives you access to the following on the Supervision Guidelines Portal:
  1. REINSW’s Supervision Guidelines Template
  2. Compliance tools, resources, checklists, registers and forms
  3. Instructions and additional resources to help customise your Supervision Guidelines Manual when using REINSW’s Supervision Guidelines Template as a base
  4. NSW Fair Trading’s Supervision Guidelines
  5. Ongoing updates, changes to templates and much, much more!
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Supervision Guidelines Manual
This product will be obsolete once the Supervision Guidelines Portal goes live in June. This portal will contain a new Supervision Guidelines Template based on the new Supervision Guidelines
This step-by-step online guide has been designed specifically to meet the needs of real estate agencies across NSW.
This is the most effective How-to guide on the market, developed to help you implement NSW Fair Trading's 2020 Supervision Guidelines with ease and efficiency.
REINSW worked closely with NSW Fair Trading on the March 2020 changes. The knowledge and insights gained from this relationship means we've been able to develop the most effective tool for Licensees everywhere.
Your Supervision Guidelines Template and Videos are hosted on the PITCH platform by Realtair
By purchasing this product you will receive:
  • access to the online Template
  • the ability to tailor it to your circumstances
Regular price: $695.00
Discounted member price: $440.00
Member discount is: 37%
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You can read more on the rules of conduct and view the current and new NSW Fair Trading Supervision Guidelines below.

Current Supervision GuidelinesIn force until 30 June 2023.

NEW Supervision Guidelines. In force from 01 July 2024.