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REINSW calls for swimming pool compliance decision

17 December 2015
With the 29 April 2016 deadline for swimming pool compliance looming, REINSW continues to encourage government to make an announcement on whether the legislation will go ahead as planned.

Insufficient resources
REINSW believes that there are insufficient resources available to ensure compliance with the new swimming pool requirements by the 29 April 2016 deadline.

With a limited number of swimming pool certifiers available in NSW, REINSW is strongly of the opinion that the way to minimise severe delays in certification is to commence the lease provisions as planned on 29 April 2016, but defer the sale provisions for a further 12 months. 

A recent report by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal further highlights the resourcing issues facing local government.  The October 2015 report, titled Assessment of Council Fit for the Future Proposals, states that 71% of Sydney metropolitan councils and 56% of regional councils are not fit to continue to operate in their existing capacities.

These numbers are concerning. With such a large percentage of councils having insufficient resources to carry out their current roles, how will they be able to carry out any additional requirements associated with swimming pool compliance?

What is REINSW doing?

REINSW has been a major stakeholder in ongoing discussions with government regarding the implementation of swimming pool legislation. The Institute has also participated in talks with Michael Lambert, former Secretary of NSW Treasury, who has conducted an independent review of the swimming and spa pool legislation. REINSW also made a formal submission in response to the discussion paper issued by Mr Lambert, as well as a subsequent submission.

Mr Lambert has confirmed that his final report was submitted to government in late November.  Like REINSW, Mr Lambert is also encouraging government to make an announcement as soon as possible about its decision regarding the implementation of the new legislation. 

REINSW has also provided its position to the Building Professionals Board who are seeking to amend the Building Professionals Regulation 2007 in relation to E1 certifiers. The proposed amendments, which REINSW supports in principle, include:

  • allowing E1 certifiers who hold the requisite building qualifications to be authorised to carry out minor and relatively simple repairs to non-compliant swimming pool barriers and to issue, on the spot, a certificate of compliance for the pool;
  • minimising the time taken for a pool to become compliant and, therefore, expediting the process for compliance with minimum delay;
  • reducing the fee for the issue or renewal of a certificate of E1 accreditation; and
  • requiring E1 certifiers to undertake six hours of CPD each year. 

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