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Swimming pool safety made quicker

13 May 2016

Changes to the law have been made to allow more pool certifiers to carry out minor repairs to comply with the new swimming pool regulations.

The Building Professionals Regulation 2007 has been amended to allow E1, A1, A2 and A3 pool certifiers to make a swimming pool comply with the new regulations which were brought in on 29 April. To find out more about swimming pool certification visit here.

The aim of allowing more certifiers to make minor repairs is to improve child safety and avoid delays in fixing faults.

However, to carry out minor repairs, certifiers must be authorised under the Home Building Act to carry out swimming pool building or structural landscaping.

Owners do not have to use the certifier who inspected their pool if minor works to make it compliant cost under $1,000. The owner can employ others or do the work themselves.

REINSW made a submission in response to the proposed amends to the Building Professionals Regulation 2007 in relation to E1 certifiers in November 2015.

The submission supported the rationale in principle, but was unable to say if it is acceptable as it does not know the requirements of E1 certifiers needed to achieve its objectives. 

For more information on the submission, please visit here or to find out about the new regulations, visit our swimming pools hot topics page here.