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Single standard for pools not accepted

15 December 2016

A recommendation to force all pool owners to comply with a single standard, rather than retain the existing relevant standards, has not been accepted.

This was one of 62 recommendations made as part of the Independent Review of Swimming Pool Regulation.

These were formed as part of a NSW Government commissioned review by Mr Michael Lambert of the effectiveness of the swimming pool barrier regulatory framework.

An analysis of the recommendations found the cost of implementing all the review’s recommendations would be more than $1 billion. This would be a cost borne by pool owners of between $2,000 and $5,000 each.

In response to the review, the NSW Government has decided to increase its support for a summer advertising blitz about backyard pool safety.

It will also produce material advising pool owners what they need to do to comply with the relevant standard, and guidance material for pool certifiers.

Minister for Local Government Paul Toole said: “Active adult supervision of young children is the first line of defence against drowning in backyard pools.

“Royal Lifesaving NSW’s campaign, with increased NSW Government support, will drive home this important message.”

Royal Life Saving Society NSW operations manager Michael Ilinsky said a sharper focus on active adult supervision would be the most effective way of preventing drowning in backyard pools.

He added: “The research backs this up. Active adult supervision is the best way to keep kids safe, and regular, targeted reminders of this message through advertising and media is the best way to ensure adults remain vigilant.”

What are the swimming pool regulations?

Earlier this year, the NSW Government introduced new legislative provisions applying to the sale and lease of properties with swimming pools.

This required property buyers to rectify non-compliant pool barriers 90 days from settlement.

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