Changes to postal time frames affects agents
5 December 2018
The delivery time period for documents and notices served by post has increased from four days to seven days. This change was assented to on 28 November 2018 and is now in force.

Schedule 1.18 of the Justice Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3) 2018 (NSW) amends section 76(1)(b) of the Interpretation Act 1987 (NSW). It now provides that a document served by post is presumed to have been served on the 7th working day after it was posted.
This legislative change affects all agents and will impact documents and notices served on and from 28 November 2018. 

In particular, agencies managing tenancies and/or negotiating commercial contractual agreements must consider this change when serving notices under agreements and when drafting deemed service of notice provisions.

REINSW recommends documents and notices be served in person or electronically, provided the recipient has signed an email consent form (available on REI Forms Live).

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