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Path to professionalism 

1 December 2016

Nearly 100 delegates attended Sydney Opera House on 24 November to debate a number of topics from the threat of disruption, transparency in real estate, and the path to professionalism.

Speakers at the fourth Industry Summit included the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello, who delivered a keynote speech on the industry education reforms. 

Professional Standards Council (PSC) Chief Executive Officer, Deen Sanders, also explained the path for real estate to become a profession.

Real estate is at a crossroads

REINSW President John Cunningham told the assembled delegates that real estate was at a crossroads and that all agents have a decision to make.

Currently real estate is widely viewed as an industry, not a profession. However John said the desire to become a profession and, more importantly, to be viewed by consumers as a profession is palpable.

He explained: “The power is in our own hands and the direction we take is our choice. Are we going to do what we’ve always done and retain the status quo? This says loud and clear that we’re no more than mediocre. It unequivocally says that we’re not professionals.

“But if we choose to elevate ourselves by raising our standards of education and lifting the level of service we provide to our clients, and thereby improve consumer outcomes and opinion, we can position ourselves at a professional level.”

A full report on the outcomes of the Industry Summit will be released to Members shortly.

In the meantime you can view a two minute highlights video here.