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CoreLogic launches video for agents

27 March 2018

Real estate agents can now quickly and easily create compelling video and social posts to share with customers with the launch of HomePrezzo through CoreLogic.

HomePrezzo is a digital real estate marketing platform that promises to revolutionise the way agents engage with vendors and buyers. It delivers engaging templates that draw upon CoreLogic data so agents can easily create their own branded online content. 

This takes the form of customised videos that showcase specific suburbs and properties or data-driven gifs that are perfect for sharing on social media. The videos are ideal for viewing on smartphones and tablets. They are also simple to share on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Video is one of the most powerful ways for real estate agents to engage with existing and potential clients and is a great tool for social media,” said CoreLogic’s Head of Content, Kylie Davis.

“Research shows 92% of mobile users share videos, and it’s well known that video posts have significantly better reach in Facebook than other posts. But not all agents are confident about appearing on camera or can create the volume of content quickly to keep up.”

Ms Davis said HomePrezzo automatically collects localised statistics and recent sales and combines them into short, engaging and informative pieces of information that are easy to understand.

“We know from CoreLogic research that property buyers and sellers feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to absorb when they’re in market,” Ms Davis said. 

“HomePrezzo content is fun and engaging, while also being super useful. It takes the homework element out of understanding the market, and demonstrates that agents that share this kind of content have a commitment to being helpful, not a hard sell.”

HomePrezzo is the brainchild of Brisbane entrepreneur, Nathan Krisanski. It is one of CoreLogic’s new suite of Content Solutions, which include Journobot and Report Store, that are designed to help real estate agents master the art of Content Marketing.

Type of content that can be easily created include:

7 reasons why agents need video

  1. 74% of online traffic is now to view video
  2. Video makes it easier to understand complex data concepts at a glance
  3. Video posts have 135% better reach on Facebook than photos
  4. The use of video in emails doubles click-through rates
  5. 55% of people watch videos on their phone everyday
  6. Audiences are 10 x more likely to embed, share, comment and engage with video
  7. Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.

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