Government Funded Courses

State and Federal Goverment Funding Intiatives

In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, both state and federal governments offer various government-funded training and education programs to support individuals seeking to develop their skills and qualifications. These programs aim to support individuals who are seeking to improve their skills and qualifications, helping them secure employment and advance their careers. Below, you'll find information about the various government-subsidised training options, as well as the training options we offer at REINSW.

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Busy at Work - Skills Checkpoint

"Busy at Work Skills Checkpoint" is a service provided by "Busy at Work," a group training organisation contracted by the Australian government. It aims to support mature-age workers and provide guidance on how to adapt to changing job markets and industries. The NSW fee-free training initiative is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to pursue a career in the disability or aged care sector. The courses provide practical skills that can be applied in the workplace and increase the chances of employment.

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Traineeships (Work-based)

Subsidisation under the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled program helps people get training in in-demand skills and industries. It's a key part of the NSW vocational education and training (VET) system. Traineeships in smart and skilled courses are a proven pathway to well-paid jobs in a diverse range of careers. In NSW, traineeships are also fee-free.

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School-Based Traineeships (SBATs)

REINSW offers the School-Based Traineeship CPP31519 - Certificate III in Real Estate Practice, a nationally recognised qualification. Government funding and benefits may be available through the NSW Government under Smart and Skilled Funding for eligible applicants. Both learners and employers can benefit from a traineeship program.

These courses are fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments and are designed to provide eligible residents, including Australian and New Zealand citizens, humanitarian visa holders and permanent residents, with practical skills in non-traditional fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are government-funded courses offered by REINSW?

REINSW offers a range of government-subsidised further training courses, including the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and the CPP51122 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management). These courses are designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the real estate industry and are partially funded by the government to make them more accessible to students.

Who qualifies as an eligible student for government funding for REINSW courses?

Eligible students for government funding for REINSW courses vary depending on the specific course and the state or territory in which it is being offered. The eligibility criteria for these fee-free training are quite broad, with priority courses available for young people, unpaid carers and First Nations people. Generally, individuals who are Australian permanent residents or eligible NSW residents and meet certain residency and age requirements may be eligible for government-subsidised training. It is recommended to check the course's specific page to determine eligibility criteria for government subsidy for specific courses.

Whether you are looking to complete a Certificate III or IV course, or simply looking to take a short course to improve your community participation, there are fee-free places available for eligible students. This joint initiative by the NSW and Commonwealth governments and TAFE NSW is a great opportunity to gain a qualification that reflects your skills and interests, without having to pay tuition fees. The courses are fully subsidised, so you can focus on your studies without worrying about the cost.

How can you benefit from government subsidised training offered by REINSW?

Skilled government subsidised training offered by REINSW provides individuals with the opportunity to gain industry-recognised qualifications at a reduced cost. These courses equip participants with essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the real estate industry, enhancing their employability and career prospects. Additionally, government funding ensures that these subsidised courses are accessible to a wider range of individuals, promoting inclusivity and professional development for existing workers within the industry.

What are the benefits of government-funded courses offered by REINSW?

The fee-free training offered by REINSW provide numerous benefits to individuals looking to enhance their skills in the real estate industry. Firstly, these courses are more affordable as the government subsidises the student fee, making the course accessible to a wider range of learners. Additionally, these courses are designed to meet industry standards and are delivered by experienced trainers, ensuring that participants receive quality education and relevant knowledge. Fee-free real estate courses also often offer flexible study options, allowing individuals to balance their learning with other commitments. Overall, these courses enable aspiring real estate professionals to get vocational training and gain the necessary qualifications and expertise without incurring substantial financial burdens.

How can individuals access fee-free training offered by REINSW?

Accessing the government-funded courses offered by REINSW is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can start by visiting the REINSW website or contacting REINSW to explore the available courses and eligibility criteria. Fee-free training is open to those who are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident and New Zealand citizen residing in Australia. To determine eligibility, individuals may need to provide proof of identity and residency status. Once eligibility is confirmed, applicants can complete the necessary enrollment forms and submit them along with any required supporting documents. REINSW's dedicated team is available to guide applicants through the application process and provide any additional information or assistance required.

Who is eligible for a REINSW smart and skilled course?

Eligibility for these courses may vary depending on the course and the funding program. Generally, individuals who are Australian citizens or permanent residents and are over 15 years of age may be eligible for government-funded training. It's best to check the REINSW course page or the relevant government funding schemes program to determine eligibility.

What is the Certificate of Registration/Assistant Agent Course?

The Certificate of Registration/Assistant Agent Course is a mandatory course for individuals wanting to work in the real estate industry in New South Wales. This course covers the legal and ethical requirements of the industry, as well as various aspects of property transactions and management. 

What is the cost of these Government-funded courses?

The cost of these courses and course fees may vary depending on the funding program and eligibility. Generally, eligible individuals can access these courses for a reduced cost or for free under smart and skilled training programs. It's best to check with REINSW or the relevant funding program to determine the tuition fees.

What is the duration of these courses?

The duration of these courses may vary depending on the course and the mode of delivery. Generally, the Certificate of Registration/Assistant Agent course takes around 4-6 weeks to complete, while the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Course can take several months. Online and blended learning options may also be available for other skilled courses.

What are the benefits of completing these fee-free courses?

Completing these fee-free courses can provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to work in the real estate industry in NSW. These courses are also mandatory for certain roles in the industry, such as becoming a licensed real estate agent. Completing these courses can also help individuals progress their careers and meet industry requirements.

Are there any prerequisites for these courses?

Prerequisites for these courses may vary depending on the course and the funding program. Generally, individuals will need to meet certain government funded course eligibility requirements, such as being over 15 years of age and being an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The Certificate of Registration course may also have specific educational requirements.

Can these courses be completed online?

Yes, REINSW offers online and blended learning options for these courses. This allows individuals to complete the courses at their own pace and in their own time. However, there may be certain requirements for practical components of the courses, such as work experience or attendance at face-to-face sessions.

How long does it take to complete a government-funded course offered by REINSW?

The duration of government-funded courses offered by REINSW varies depending on the course. Certificate IV courses typically take 12-18 months to complete, while diploma courses can take up to two years. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and short courses can be completed in a matter of days or weeks. The duration of each course is outlined on the REINSW website.