Suitable for small and large groups alike, we offer in-house CPD training seven (7) days a week between 7.00am and 9.00pm.

REINSW trainers will visit your office, or a location of your choice, and deliver a training program specifically tailored to meet the needs of your team and your agency. In-house training is an ideal solution that delivers maximum results, with minimum organisation on your part, and is available in different combinations; for example, all in one day or a series of workshops spread over several days.


  In-house CPD courses 

Compliance - Residential Tenancies Act

Update your knowledge on the latest changes to the residential tenancies regime. Also find out how to avoid liabilities and pitfalls of poor property management practices.

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Make sure your sales file is legal

This course will give you the knowledge in an easy-to-understand way that you will be able to put into practice immediately. You will learn how to ensure that all documents are completed accurately, are compliant and served correctly.

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A practical guide to coaching and mentoring

Learn the difference between coaching and mentoring and how to manage a team to become the best they can be. Get tips to set and achieve goals, build rapport and more.

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Maintaining and nurturing current clients and customers

Learn new methods to retain healthy and long term customer relationships.

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Getting it Right: Forms and New Legislation

Mistakes in Agency Agreements and Contracts for Sale, or not knowing the latest legislation, can have drastic consequences. This course will teach you how to be compliant.

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How the best agents manage their time

Time management is probably the single most important skill that, if mastered, can bring you career success and personal fulfilment. This course led by Jacque Parker, one of the most successful buyers’ agents in Australia, will show you how.

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Understand how to make NCAT effective for you

Learn all about the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and how it is operating since it started as a one-stop-shop for specialist tribunal services.

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Cross-cultural Communication

Gain an understanding of cultural perspectives when communicating with your clients and learn how to identify and deal with differences which impact on business etiquette.

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Effectively managing conflict: tools and tips

Learn strategies to manage conflict in your workplace, how to identify the most common sources of conflict, evaluate your skills and use techniques to avoid burn out from conflict.

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Handling Fair Trading Complaints

This course will give you a complete understanding of the NSW Fair Trading Complaints Service and Complaints Register.

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Helping buyers win at auctions

This course will give provide you with an overview of best practice at auctions.

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Setting up a New Business

Find out how to register your own business and what you need to do to comply with the law. You’ll also learn good office and business procedures and the role NSW Fair Trading play.

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The tax implications of investment properties

This course will explain the taxation implications when investing in property, and how to achieve the best result for your client when purchasing a property for investment.

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Trust Accounting Refresher

Find out all you need to know about trust accounting for your agency, from how legislation affects you, common problems auditors find and how to comply with the law.

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Grow your listings

Understand the need for implementing strategies, procedures and processes to grow your property management and sales business - plus much more besides.

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Property Management Laws and practice update

Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation and best practise. Topics covered include the review of the Residential Tenancies Act, swimming pool safety, asbestos and more.

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Day to Day Compliance

Overcome overwhelming legislation and statutory obligations on this course which gives an overview of the day-to-day procedures you can use to ensure you’re compliant.

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Introduction to commercial real estate

Gain a better understanding of commercial property practice and find out how to identify property categories, understand legislative requirements, advise clients and much more.

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The Ultimate Sales Plan Exposed

Sales Agents’ who want to succeed need a plan! This course will teach you the key elements of this plan and how to structure it, and steps to achieve and measure your goals.

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Maximise your new management success rate

Mastering the art of listing a new management is a skill which reaps rewards for real estate agents.

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How to achieve a successful new tenancy

Learn the crucial steps of finding and settling a new tenant. This includes running an open house, checking references, landlord approval and using the right documents.

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