Residential Tenancies Act Review

The residential property market in NSW is entering a new era. There are now more than 820,000 residential rental households across the state, and demand for quality rental accommodation is set to rise over the coming years as more and more people move to NSW. Landlords, tenants and property managers need residential tenancy laws that respond to the market’s contemporary needs and strike the right balance between flexibility and certainty.

The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 introduced significant changes to the regulation of residential tenancies in NSW. Now, a little more than five years on, it’s time to review the Act with a view to ensuring the right laws are in place to manage future developments in this vital area of real estate practice.

As the NSW Government conducts the five-year review of the Residential Tenancies Act, we will provide you with the information you need to know.


Timeline for RTA Review

March 2020 | Landlord and Tenant Information Statements

New approved forms from NSW Fair Trading which will need to be used on and from 23 March 2020

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View Tenant Information Statement >>

OCTOBER 2018 | REINSW’s RTA Timeline

REINSW's RTA timeline outlines the work completed to date.

JANUARY 2017 | Further Submission

REINSW lodged a further submission on long term residential tenancies on 18 January 2017. This was in response to a specific request from the NSW Government, following a Ministerial Roundtable held on 21 November 2016 that explored options for long-term tenancies. 

JUNE 2016 | Statutory review

NSW Fair Trading releases its Statutory Review document on 17 June 2016 containing 27 main recommendations.

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No submission or response was requested by the NSW Government. However, REINSW responded by submitting a Position Statement in January 2017. Note: the submission was delayed due to the change in Ministerial line up.

OCTOBER 2015 | Discussion Paper

In October 2015, NSW Fair Trading released Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010: Discussion paper. View now >>> 

REINSW then lodged its Submission on 29 January 2016 in response to the Discussion Paper. View now >>>


News and information

RTA Focus

With a raft of reforms to the residential tenancies framework starting on 23 March 2020, we’re giving you the information you need to ensure you understand your obligations.

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Catch up on all our articles and news items on the RTA review.
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As well as these news items, REINSW sought feedback from all Property Managers in September 2015, and sent all Property Managers an email enclosing the Position Statement on 6 February 2017. 

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Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 summary

A concise summary of changes effected by the Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018. More >>> 

Rallying our response for residential tenancies reform

REINSW formed a dedicated Sub-Committee in June 2015 to prepare for the upcoming RTA review. More >>>