Igniting real estate innovation: WIRE 2024 wraps up, embracing inspiration for change

20 March 2024

By Jessica Husband

The 17th Women in Real Estate (WIRE) conference took place yesterday with a resounding echo of empowerment, resilience, and innovation. The event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, and hosted by REIA President Leanne Pilkington, was enjoyed by more than 300 attendees from real estate and associated industries.

Under the theme of Possibilities and Connection, speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their journeys, offering nuggets of wisdom and actionable strategies.

Host Leanne Pilkington emphasised the importance of authenticity and community in this year's event, urging attendees to align their actions with their values and embrace their unique approaches.

"This year it’s about authenticity, it’s about community, it’s about doing things with your tribe in a way that aligns with your values and it’s not just one way, it’s your way," Ms Pilkington said.

One great speaker after another delved into a series of fascinating topics each echoing the importance of staying true to oneself. With a focus on authenticity and aligning actions with personal values, attendees were encouraged to embrace their individuality and distinctive approaches.

The event was rounded out by fantastic keynote speakers including Jo Farrell, who’s resilience and advocacy for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries received a standing ovation. Former Matildas player Sarah Walsh highlighted the transformative power of women's sports and her long journey fighting for pay equity for the Australian women’s team.

Finally, Emma Isaacs rounded out an amazing day with her presentation on how she came to be one of Australia’s most tenacious entrepreneurs, with her inspiring story serving as a testament to the indomitable spirit of female leaders.

"Today has been truly awesome – a diverse array of speakers covering a broad range of empowering topics, particularly geared towards women. From improving social media strategies to innovative real estate approaches, it's evident that we're embracing the modern age. Get involved, create your tribe, and surround yourself with great people."

- Alex Borthwick, Business Development Manager at BresicWhitney

Highlighting the proactive and empowering mindset that the speakers were advocating, Ms Pilkington, encouraged attendees to shed their excuses and distractions, emphasising the multitude of innovative approaches present in the room. "Let go of the excuses, get rid of the distractions," she said, her tone firm yet encouraging, "and just get on with it."

REINSW President Barry Johnston remarked on the energy, determination and courage of this year's WIRE speakers and the inspiration that the audience took away with them.

“The passion, the energy in the room was like no other event I’ve ever been to. The lessons, the hints, the tips, the sharing of experiences good and bad, the resilience that people show and the courage to forge out their career in the real estate industry is very impressive and very inspiring. I would recommend that every agent book in early for their WIRE tickets next year.

In essence, the Women in Real Estate Conference concluded on a note of empowerment, urging attendees to embrace authenticity, resilience, and innovation in their professional endeavours. As participants departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and actionable insights to drive positive change in their respective spheres.

Here's a glimpse into some of the transformative insights shared by this year’s remarkable WIRE speakers:

Romany Brooks: Embracing authenticity emerged as a central theme in Romany's address. She stressed the power of being true to oneself, advocating for authentic conversations and language in professional settings. Simplifying to amplify and embracing rejection as a stepping stone were among her key takeaways.

Christine Ewin: Christine's journey exemplified the triumph of resilience and determination. From humble beginnings to becoming a top agent, she shared her experiences of navigating challenges, including personal tragedies and professional setbacks. Her unwavering commitment to community and perseverance in the face of adversity left a lasting impression.

Superintendent Danielle Emerton APM & Sergeant Adam Wood: Shedding light on a crucial societal issue, Danielle and Adam addressed domestic violence and underscored the importance of awareness and support. They introduced practical tools like the Empower You app, emphasising the role of technology in aiding victims and facilitating intervention.

Dr Sarah Bell: Delving into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), illustrating its transformative potential across various domains, from cancer detection to data analysis, she emphasised the need for responsible AI adoption and investment in cutting-edge technologies.

Imogen Callister: As a branding and marketing specialist, Imogen emphasised the significance of crafting a unique brand identity and leveraging effective marketing strategies. Her insights on lead generation and impactful messaging resonated with attendees seeking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Kylie Walsh lead the popular panel session where she discussed the electrification of properties and vehicles and the increase in clean energy use with Belinda Seers, the importance of resilience and seizing opportunities for personal development with Emma Brown-Garrett and the importance of deciding what you are prepared to let go of and what you are not with Anna Cavill.

Jo Farrell: Her story epitomising resilience and advocacy for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries received a standing ovation. The story of her not-for-profit initiative, Build like a girl, aimed at empowering women in the construction sector, reinforced the importance of solidarity among women.

Sarah Walsh: Sarah's experience as a former Matildas soccer player and Head of Women’s Football at Football Australia highlighted the transformative power of women's sports and the journey towards pay equity with the Socceroos. Her insights into the positive societal impacts of women's sports resonated with the audience, emphasising the broader significance of gender equality.

Emma Isaacs: Her entrepreneurial journey showed her resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity. From building Business Chicks - Australia's largest and most influential community for women - while bringing up her six children to navigating challenges during the pandemic, her story served as a testament to the indomitable spirit of female leaders.

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