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2014 Women in Real Estate Conference

"Make the decision to be worthy"

“Don’t wait to feel that you’re worthy to know that you’re worthy. Make a decision to be worthy, regardless of how you feel.”

This was the message from psychotherapist, speaker and executive coach Jackie Furey for over 200 women at the 8th annual Women in Real Estate Conference on Tuesday, 18 November 2014.

Professional women from across NSW were encouraged by the range of spectacular speakers to not hide their emotions, to understand where their values and traditions had stemmed from, and to find their passion.

Jackie Furey had the attendees in stitches with her personal stories and interpretations of family members – the people Ms Furey said influence us the most. She wanted the attendees to laugh and enjoy themselves, which she certainly achieved.

“I think humour is a wonderful way of relaxing our defence mechanisms.What often happens in our very busy lives is that we start to shut down and then we shut up and then we shut off and then we come here and the humour relaxes us,” Ms Furey said.

“It allows us to focus on all of our similarities and not so much on the differences. We realise that by having a good laugh we can start to remember our strengths and not so much our weaknesses.”


Understanding the balance 
Journalist and presenter Natarsha Belling flew into Sydney after hosting The Project on Channel 10 to speak to the attendees. Ms Belling spoke about the gruelling work/life balance every woman strives for and was adamant that it doesn’t exist. Her honesty resonated with the women and conversation after focused on this topic.

Journalist and media consultant Anne Fulwood was MC for the day. She taught the attendees how to communicate with confidence and provided some valuable tips on presentation. Ms Fulwood shared her years of experience as a television journalist to teach attendees the beauty of self-assurance in a time where image is prevalent.

Following on from Ms Fulwood’s advice, the attendees heard a panel of inspiring agents share their perspective on the industry. Di Jones General Manager Kylie Walsh, LJ Hooker Mosman Sales Manager Linda Johnson and CBRE Office Services Senior Director Jenine Cranston answered an array of questions from the attendees covering topics from social media, raising children and leading others at work.

Perception has a role
The final speaker of the day was Olympian and IBM Senior Executive Alisa Camplin. She shared her tumultuous journey leading up the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Ms Camplin’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication saw her win gold for Australian in aerial skiing. With only a handful of Australian female aerial skiers, Ms Camplin had all of the attendees practising her winning jump, just in case they had not yet found their calling.

“You don’t always have to know what you want when you take the first step,” Ms Camplin said.

“Sometimes perception is everything.”

She spared no details on her life and the loss she had experienced in recent years. Her dedication has now turned to a charity, which her and her husband started to raise awareness for congenital heart disease.

After everyone wiped away their tears from Ms Camplin’s presentation, the day ended with networking drinks on the balcony where the attendees shared their own stories and wisdom. After all, Ms Furey encouraged them to see further than their expectations. 


Alisa Camplin
Olympian and IBM Senior Executive

"I have no doubt that one of the keys to my success was hard work. Success comes to those people who do the right thing time and time again. The boring old fundamentals work!"

Anne Fulwood - MC
Journalist and media consultant 

"Presentation is key. We need to look and feel confident when we present ourselves in order to come across in the best way possible."

Natarsha Belling
Journalist and presenter 

"Switch off and be present. Engage in real life. We are working harder, but we're not working smarter. We need to let go of trying to be perfect."

  Jackie Furey
Psychotherapist, speaker and relationship advisory consultant

"From the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them, our lives are all about performance. This insight into who we are here and now is understood by looking at where we've come from."  


Kylie Walsh
Di Jones General Manager

"Females make excellent real estate agents. Find what you are good at and then delegate the rest. Understand your strengths."

Linda Johnson 
LJ Hooker Mosman Sale Manager

"There is no two-days alike. In this industry you need to adapt and allow yourself time to learn."

Jenine Cranston
CBRE Office Services Senior Director 

"Commercial real estate provides me with the autonomy that I need in my life."


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