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Vendors should ‘spring’ into action to take advantage of market demand

It was once exceptional for a buyer to purchase a home without setting foot inside the property. But agents are now barely raising an eyebrow at the practice which has become increasingly common during Sydney’s extended lockdown.

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Data - There’s a story to be told

Data is easy to come by these days. Property sellers and buyers have access to so much of it with a simple click of the mouse. But what is the source of that data, how should it be interpreted and what story is it really telling?

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Rating agents: The good, the bad and the sometimes ugly

In a world where consumers can jump online to check peer reviews before buying shoes or even watching a film, it only makes sense they would want to click and compare real estate agents before engaging them.

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A breath of fresh Ayre

There's not much multi-industry-award-winning Adrian Wilson doesn't know about the Sydney real estate market after a successful 20-year career.

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Multi offers: keeping your head when you’re spoilt for choice

On the surface, it seems like a great problem to have. Offers are coming thick and fast so making a sale seems like a slam dunk.

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How the property market will warm vendor’s hearts this winter

Winter has long been seen as the least popular time to sell a home, but strong competition, lack of stock and low interest rates are tipped to keep up current momentum throughout the cooler months.

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On the chopping block: why fee cutting hurts everyone

Commission charges vary across NSW with Sydney already home to the lowest fees due to the sheer number of agents on the ground.

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Cultivating your community

Time is such a valuable commodity. Most people have little time to answer their phones to friends and family, much less take a call from a local real estate professional.

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Better questions, better answers

Asking the right questions to uncover your client’s motivation can make all the difference. Here’s how.

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Changing Price Guides

Australian house prices are rising at their fastest pace in decades, which has presented many selling agents with a common question - how to keep price guides in line with such unprecedented demand?

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Leadership in action

International Women’s Day celebrates the tremendous efforts by female leaders around the world in shaping a more equal future.

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Property sales still require a skilled agent and expertise even in a booming market

A red-hot market may appear to be a real estate agent’s dream, but most are still working harder than ever in the pandemic property boom.

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From strength to strength

The team at SJ Shooter Real Estate in Dubbo have taken their vibrant independent agencies from a small bedroom office to being a leading regional agency in just five years.

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Uniting the industry

Meet Peter Matthews who was announced at the REINSW Annual General Meeting in November 2020, as the President Elect for the next 12 months.

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Don’t lose sight of your buyers: learn the value in building relationships

In a booming market, when cashed up buyers are queuing with cheque books in hand, the lazy assumption is homes sell themselves.

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How agents can help vendors

Not every `Sold’ sticker placed on a real estate signboard is accompanied by a smiling vendor jumping for joy. Divorce, debt and death are among the most challenging reasons for selling property and often super charged with emotion.

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Take charge of compliance

The 1 April 2021 implementation deadline for the Supervision Guidelines is looming. Here’s what you need to know to ensure compliance.

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Taking trust to the next level

Neil Webster, the winner of the John Greig OAM Community Service category at the 2020 REINSW Awards for Excellence, reveals how community service can set you up for a thriving career, build trust with clients and help make the world a better place.

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Your CPD obligations

Continuing Professional Development has changed and all agents need to understand what their obligations are in accordance with their classification in the licensing structure.

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WIRE 2021 - Meet our keynote speaker Manal al-Sharif

The REINSW Women in Real Estate Conference (WIRE) is returning on 10 March 2021, with registrations open now.

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