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Standing by your call

Peter Matthews can't emphasise enough the importance of stating your rights as an auctioneer.

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Low inflation impacting real dwelling value

CoreLogic's Cameron Kusher explains how low inflation is impacting property values across the country.

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Are you prepared for the changing market?

Even as a seasoned professional, the complexities of real estate can still be overwhelming, especially in a changing market.

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Pitch perfect

PR is one of the best ways to build your reputation as a trusted advisor. But how do you craft the perfect pitch?

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When auctions and elections collide

What should you do if your auction falls on election day?

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Busting proptech myths

Setting the record straight on proptech misconceptions.

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Become a local guru

Attracting new listings, enquiries and clients by building your brand reputation.

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AI: agent intelligence

Think AI stands for Artificial Intelligence? Think again. Caroline Bolderston explains.

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Understanding the development potential of your vendor's site

Your vendors are relying on you to communicate the full value of their property to potential buyers.

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Building strong working relationships with selling agents: a buyers’ agent’s perspective

Relationships are key in real estate, especially for buyers' agents. Shelley Horton tells us why.

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Is the Australian dream dying?

Recent research from HIA proves housing affordability is a serious concern for Australians.

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The Opal (land)mine: clarity needed on material fact

REINSW CEO says Opal highlights the need for clarity, consistency and certainty on material fact.

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Order property reports via REI Forms Live

Order professional property reports at the time of completing a sales agency agreement with REI Forms Live.

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Two agents. One listing. Who gets the commission?

Determining who is effective cause of sale is critical in property transactions, especially in a correcting market.

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George Rafty is giving it everything

A top sales agent from the earliest stages of his career, George Rafty attributes his success to hard work, integrity and honesty.

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Auctioneers Chapter Committee instrumental in new form

You can now access an Auction Reserve Price form on REI Forms Live, thanks to the REINSW Auctioneers Chapter Committee.

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Asbestos: your duty of care as an agent

It is an agent's duty to ensure a property is fit for habitation, but when it comes to asbestos, negligence could be life-threatening.

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Real estate by robot

Rather than fleeing in fear, embracing real estate robots is a way for agents to become more efficient and spend more time building relationships.

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Regional is the new black

Regional property markets are seeing a resurgence in popularity and are set to grow rapidly in 2019, says John McGrath.

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In her own words: Louisa Jackson of Langulin

From the digital music business to real estate, Louisa Jackson's experience and knowledge collide to produce “on song” results.

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