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Winter is coming: are your properties smoke alarm safe?

The whitewalkers aren't the only thing you need to worry about this winter. What about your smoke alarm compliance?

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CGT and negative gearing changes will impact tenants and landlords

Labor's proposed changes to CGT and negative gearing is bad news for property investors and will impact rental affordability.

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Roadshow offers specialist sessions for property managers

Working in the most heavily regulated scope of real estate means you need to stay ahead of the game.

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Property managers, are your landlords protected?

There are very real risks involved in managing uninsured rental properties. Here's why you should encourage landlords to take out the right insurance.

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Busting proptech myths

Setting the record straight on proptech misconceptions.

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NCAT 101

Your guide to understanding NCAT and preparing your case.

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Become a local guru

Attracting new listings, enquiries and clients by building your brand reputation.

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Tackling hardship and homelessness

A not-for-profit agency is driving supply of affordable housing in NSW’s most difficult and unaffordable housing market.

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Domestic violence regulation in practice

A month into the Domestic Violence Reforms, we answer some FAQs.

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Property managers must be vigilant when using RBO

REINSW warns property managers to exercise caution when using RBO following more phishing scams.

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New report reveals rental vacancies increase across most of NSW

MEDIA RELEASE: Vacancy rates rising due to market surplus as a result of new apartment developments.

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NCAT jurisdiction needs urgent attention

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW says there's a simple fix to the NCAT jurisdiction issue – but the NSW Government won't make it.

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Is your property bushfire safe?

Bushfires are a serious issue for NSW residents, but fire safety is a year-round obligation.

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Victims of domestic violence empowered to break lease

New laws initiated by the statutory review of the Residential Tenancies Act protect victims of domestic violence.

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Sydney rental availability increases

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney rental availability increases according to new REINSW research.

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Industry wins in short-term holiday letting reforms

Changes to short-term holiday letting in NSW provides more protection for agents, owners and tenants.

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REINSW weighs in on holiday letting Code of Conduct

REINSW fights for transparency and accountability in short-term holiday letting Code of Conduct.

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Asbestos: your duty of care as an agent

It is an agent's duty to ensure a property is fit for habitation, but when it comes to asbestos, negligence could be life-threatening.

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Real estate by robot

Rather than fleeing in fear, embracing real estate robots is a way for agents to become more efficient and spend more time building relationships.

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Sydney rental market vacancy rates mixed

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates offer mixed results, according to REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey.

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