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Sydney rental availability increases

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney rental availability increases according to new REINSW research.

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REINSW weighs in on holiday letting Code of Conduct

REINSW fights for transparency and accountability in short-term holiday letting Code of Conduct.

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Asbestos: your duty of care as an agent

It is an agent's duty to ensure a property is fit for habitation, but when it comes to asbestos, negligence could be life-threatening.

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Real estate by robot

Rather than fleeing in fear, embracing real estate robots is a way for agents to become more efficient and spend more time building relationships.

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Industry wins in short-term holiday letting reforms

Changes to short-term holiday letting in NSW provides more protection for agents, owners and tenants.

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Sydney rental market vacancy rates mixed

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates offer mixed results, according to REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey.

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Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia and income required to meet a loan decreases, says REIA

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USA, England, NZ more fire conscious than NSW residents

NSW lags behind the U.S. and England when it comes to home fire safety.

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REINSW lobbying pays off: electronic signing passed

The Conveyancing Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (NSW) was assented to yesterday, allowing residential tenancy agreements to be signed and witnessed electronically.

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Technology and real estate: let go of the fear

Technology has copped a lot of flack in the real estate industry, but have we really gotten to know it and what it can offer?

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A property manager's review of Inspect Live

Property managers work hard enough. That's why the re-launched Inspect Live works to take the stress out of conducting condition reports.

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Rental availability in Sydney rises 0.1%

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates have increased according to October Vacancy Rate Survey.

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Property services industry moves forward with electronic signatures

MEDIA RELEASE: In good news for consumers and the property services industry, witness contracts can soon be signed electronically.

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Big step towards e-sign for witnesses

A new Bill currently in Parliament has the power to enable electronic signing of the residential tenancy agreement.

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Summary of RTA changes

A summarised version of some of the changes in the recently released Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018.

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REINSW pushes for improved methods of testing mould

REINSW submission results in more stringent accreditation for mould testing.

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Residential Tenancies Act Tour to educate agents

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW is taking its knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act changes on tour.

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Spring sees renters return to Inner Sydney market

MEDIA RELEASE: Renters have a spring in their step as warmer weather sees vacancy rates steady across Sydney.

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Residential Tenancies Act reforms passed

The Residential Tenancies Act reforms have passed, which means there will be changes to the way you and your agency function.

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Call to step up home fire safety this summer

Home fire safety extends beyond the winter months, says Australia's largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services.

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