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Melbourne catching Sydney as yield compression falls

Savills's global Impact report shows Melbourne is growing in popularity among foreign investors.

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Commercial success in a changing market

The once-in-a-generation market is cooling, but don’t panic. With challenges come opportunities.

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Office vacancy rates in Sydney hit 19-year low

Gino Soglimbene of TGC explains the reason for low vacancy rates in Sydney CBD.

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CPD course for commercial agents

Commercial agents can now access a scope-specific CPD course consisting of four one-hour webinars by industry leaders.

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NSW retail property strong despite suggested downturn

The Savills Quarter Time National Retail report suggests strong ongoing investor confidence in the sector.

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A Chinese investor's guide to Sydney's commercial market

Despite a drop off, Chinese investment in Sydney is still significant. William Shen explains.

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Two agents. One listing. Who gets the commission?

Determining who is effective cause of sale is critical in property transactions, especially in a correcting market.

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Location or amenities: leveraging the benefits of your commercial listing

Office space impacts perception, and perception impacts business. This is something every commercial agent must understand.

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An agent’s concerns about NSW Fair Trading

Why REINSW's election campaign is important: an agent's perspective.

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Is the weak outlook for the commercial property market justified?

REINSW asks its industry experts for their opinion on a recent report suggesting a weakening of the commercial market.

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Is Parramatta Sydney’s better CBD for investment and yield?

Sales and research suggests Parramatta could offer equal investment and yield opportunities as Sydney CBD.

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Sharon Yang is invested in real estate

CBRE's Sharon Yang is a trusted advisor to clients in Sydney and across Asia, and is passionate about helping them achieve their business goals.

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Falling incentives and investment drive growth in Sydney office market

NSW's office market has recorded its second strongest sales period in a decade, according to CBRE's latest Office MarketView report

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REINSW pushes for improved methods of testing mould

REINSW submission results in more stringent accreditation for mould testing.

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Buyers' agents recognised on contract

This small, yet significant, change to the Contract of Sale and Purchase of Land has gone relatively unnoticed for years.

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UPDATE: The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018

The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 is now in Parliament and public debate has finally commenced.

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Rental availability increases across Sydney

REINSW's August Vacancy Rate Survey shows rental availability across Sydney is increasing.

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Levy recovery and payment plans: what are the rules?

Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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REINSW responds to NSW Fair Trading's proposal to de-license auctioneers

REINSW recently prepared a Submission condemning NSW Fair Trading's proposal to de-license auctioneers.

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It’s your time – so take it back, says real estate coach

Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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