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Buyers' agents - bringing structure and value together when setting your fees

Talking about money is nearly always awkward. But if you’re offering a specialised service, you should be confident in your assessment of the service’s worth.

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Our champions for change

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of activity for REINSW’s Chapter Committees

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Buying and selling agents: Trust = outcomes

When it comes to facilitating a property sale, strong collaboration between buying agents and selling agents can provide advantages for all parties

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How do buyers’ agents deal with stock shortages?

Stock shortages. It’s a common issue and one many, if not all buyers’ agents will experience in their lifetime.

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Webinar | Buying and selling agents: Trust = outcomes

If buyers' and selling agents are willing to work collaboratively, they can ensure the needs of both their clients are satisfied.

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Collaboration is key: Buyers’ Agents and Property Managers

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it may sound strange. Buyers’ agents and property managers collaborating pre, during and post purchase.

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Recognition where it’s due for buyers’ agents

Prevalent in the United States, buyers’ agents are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, particularly here in New South Wales.

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Off-market: fact or fiction

What does off-market really mean? How many homes are really listed off the market? And does it always mean a better deal for the buyer?

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Agent insights: Buyers agents

We asked two buyers’ agents about the challenges the market has posed and what they predict for the days ahead.

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Sales and marketing strategies for buyers' agents

Effective sales and marketing strategies are critical to building your personal brand, attracting and retaining clients and promoting your business

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Doing your documentation duty

Paperwork. No one likes it. But when it comes to showing a property to a potential buyer, it’s essential to have the right paperwork in place.

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How to find an investment twist

After almost two years of declines, real estate values in Australia’s two biggest capital cities – Sydney and Melbourne – are stabilising

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Bringing value to buyers

With the recent ups and downs of the real estate market, buyers’ agents are growing in popularity and are fast becoming an integral piece of the real estate puzzle.

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No contract? No show!

Why you can't show anyone a property if you don't have the proper documentation.

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Inspecting a property as a buyers' agent

What should you look out for when inspecting a property for a client and how should you go about it?

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The 10 most expensive retail strips in the world

Managing retail space in Pitt Street Mall? You're managing some of the most expensive retail space in the world!

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The difference between market appraisals and valuations

What's the difference between a valuation and an appraisal? And what can you perform as a buyers' agent?

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Respectful negotiations with selling agents

A successful negotiation isn't always about winning. It's about representing your client and communicating respectfully.

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Marketing strategies for buyers’ agents (or any agent)

Michael Ossitt and Aga Russell discuss the importance of a marketing plan, building your brand and knowing your audience.

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Stop wasting your time: qualify your leads

Wasted time is wasted opportunity – for you and your clients. Qualify your leads correctly from the start and reap the rewards.

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