Value in Buyers’ Agents Going the Extra Mile

Value in Buyers’ Agents Going the Extra Mile

18 March 2020

A client typically wants one key thing from a buyers’ agent and that is to help them find and purchase their dream property. But what about other value-adding services a buyers’ agent can offer and are they worth it?

The short answer is yes. Going the extra mile can be a key selling point for a buyers’ agent and deliver a range of benefits.

Shelley Horton, Buyers Agent, Albion Avenue Director and REINSW Buyers’ Agents Chapter Committee member says buyers’ agents can assist clients in many ways, before, during and after purchase.

“The more obvious [services] are those that are complementary to buying a property, such as, connecting them with a mortgage broker to assist with finance or a conveyancer or solicitor that will handle the legal side of things for them,” Horton says.

“Some buyers agencies also have a property management arm to their business and can manage the asset for investors after purchase.”

A Trusted Network

Simone Luxford, Buyers Agent, Essential Property Wealth Director and REINSW Buyers’ Agents Chapter Committee member says a big value-add for clients is having a trusted network of people who can assist with the buying process.

“It’s really important to have a good network of people such as conveyancers, mortgage brokers, building and pest inspectors, strata inspectors and even tradespeople,” Luxford says.

“My goal is to create a circle of care around my clients and put them in the hands of people who have my client’s best interests in mind.”

Luxford says having the right network can make a real difference in how positive the client's experience is and how successfully the buying process is managed.

“With tradespeople, for instance, I might draw on them when a problem comes up in a building or pest inspection, or ask them to advise on how a property can be renovated.”

Luxford says clients particularly appreciate buyers’ agents who have some renovation knowledge of their own.

“If you do have renovation experience or background knowledge you can take a look at floor plans and give clients an idea of which options may be available to them.”

Ramon Mitchell, Director, Gault & Co Property Advisory and REINSW Buyers’ Agents Chapter Committee member says buyers’ agents can offer services such as renovation assessment and management.

“Purchasers often look to acquire a home that needs a little work, believing that the process of completing upgrades will be simple and yield excellent results in terms of finish and increased equity. Of course, this isn’t always the case and as experienced property professionals we can assist,” Mitchell says.

“We have the expertise to locate homes that are appropriate for renovation, however the service doesn’t end there. We can help co-ordinate works on behalf of the client.”

Customer Service is Key

Horton says savvy buyers’ agents stay in touch with a client beyond the initial purchase.

“You might offer vendor advocacy if they decide to sell down the track or appraise the property if they are contemplating a future sale,” Horton says.

“Even just acting as a point person and answering any questions your client might have along the way will hold you in good stead and leave them with a positive lasting impression of you.”

There is general consensus among buyers’ agents about the importance of going the extra mile in terms of customer service.

“I pride myself on treating a client how I’d like to be treated. Whether it’s taking clients out for a coffee, a drink or bite to eat after a full day of inspections. I’ve found that the little things are the big things clients remember,” Luxford says.

Horton says when a buyers’ agent adopts an “over and above philosophy” they will often end up with a client for life.

“My past clients are huge advocates of my business and a continual source of word-of-mouth referrals.”

Mitchell says relationships are key to success in a buyers’ agency.

“Going the extra mile brings about both repeat business and the likelihood that you’ll be recommended to others,” he says.

“Whether it be providing advice that can save the client money or being available when they need you for support and guidance; it pays to provide service beyond expectations for clients in the buyers’ agency space.”

What are some of the things you do to add value or go the extra mile for your clients?

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