21 November 2019

AGM: REINSW welcomes President and Board

REINSW is excited to announce Leanne Pilkington will be staying on for another term as President.

REINSW CEO Tim Mckibbin says it comes as welcome news.

“Leanne was recently recognised as the most influential woman in the property market at the AREAs.

“It’s wonderful to have such a highly regarded industry leader, leading the institute.

“Her drive, passion and ability to relate to all members of real estate makes her an invaluable asset,” says Mckibbin.

REINSW board


Leanne Pilkington


Leisha de Aboitiz
Sarah Bester
Michael Guest
Brett Hunter
Barry Johnston
Shula Kentwell
Peter Matthews
Ewan Morton
Andrew Palmer
Linda Rudd
Braden Walters
Alexander Warburton

REINSW would like to welcome incoming board members Shula Kentwell and Leisha de Aboitiz and thank departing members David Howe, Lyn Kimball and Gary Adamson, for their support and dedication.

Recognition and awards

Two REINSW members were recognised at this year’s AGM, for their incredible hard work and dedication.

Michele McLean received the John Hill Award, for the exceptional contribution she has made to the Property Management chapter.

Sandra McGee was inducted as a Life Fellow of REINSW, in recognition of the outstanding contribution she has made to the Institute and the real estate industry.

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