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How to market your business on Facebook and LinkedIn

8 January 2018

Getting your business page right on Facebook and LinkedIn can result in huge sales and great publicity. Done well it can set you apart from your competitors. 

Chantelle Roberts is a social media expert from Stylus Media. Here’s her guide to marketing your business on these social media platforms.

Ask yourself before you start:
  • What are your goals?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What are the competition doing? 

  • Who has the time and skills to manage your accounts? 

How will you measure success?

Three ways to make your posts rank higher in Facebook newsfeeds:

1. Live video – the longer the live video, and the longer people watch it for, the more likely it’ll rank higher. 

2. Be authentic – don’t spam. The more people who stop following you, the lower Facebook will rank your posts. Don’t ask for likes, shares or comments as these are deemed inauthentic. 

3. Be timely – these are the most relevant posts and will be rewarded. Use hashtags that are currently trending.

How to advertise on Facebook

Try a monthly campaign, from $1 or $2 a day. “Do sporadic little bursts” Chantelle says, “use your judgement, and trial and error.”

You will get more followers with advertising, but you don’t need to put money into Facebook ads if you’re posting things people love. Work out your marketing budget and stick to it. 

How often and when should you post?

If you put up too many posts people will unfollow you. Try two posts a day, during the week. Schedule something for over the weekend, perhaps a quote to motivate people at the start of the working week. 

Put aside an hour a week to search for content, plan and schedule your posts. 

How to interact with people on Facebook

Like and reply to comments on your page. Have fun, particularly with memes or funny images. 

Handle negative complaints quickly and effectively. If you receive a negative comment, “I’m not happy with the service,” you should immediately reply to try and resolve the issue, and get them to private message you. Take the conversation offline.

Top tips for LinkedIn

  • Recommend others, they’re likely to recommend you

  • Introduce yourself to new connections on LinkedIn with an introductory email

  • Make sure your profile is 100% complete

  • Send personal messages when connecting with others on LinkedIn

  • Add a linked to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature

  • Share 70% expert knowledge and 30% personal 

The major benefit of LinkedIn premium package

Premium allows you to generate leads beyond your original contacts with Sales Navigator. It gives you tailored recommendations, creates sales insights for more effective selling and helps you find the right people and companies faster.

LinkedIn are able to tell when people are interested in buying something you are selling. 

Create a different voice for Facebook and LinkedIn

On Facebook you want to show people you’re human, think work-related but fun. If people are looking for you on LinkedIn, they expect to see a more professional tone. Repost industry articles, how to’s etc. 

Chantelle added: “Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged. When something doesn’t work, try another idea.”