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The digital interview

5 May 2017

Agents are constantly being interviewed, without them even realising. It’s called the digital interview.

A digital interview is when a consumer is viewing an agent online and making judgements on if to engage them.

Steve Carroll, Sales Director of explained this concept at Momentum, a free training event for agents in Sydney.

He said: “The digital interview is critically important and agents need to take action.

“We have been researching this behavior at for at least 24 months and the time spent by sellers checking out agents online has gone through the roof and exploded.

“Every agent is digitally interviewed at least once, sometimes 15-20 times a day, and the impression that you give will be dependent on how good your digital profile is.”

Steve said Gavin Rubinstein, Ray White Double Bay Associate Director, was someone who dominates online. 

He added: “The best agents say to me that you have to be a voice of authority in 2017, because there is so much clutter on the internet and customers want you to take the best of it and present it to them. 

“You also need to be an early adopter of new technology because here is no point allowing everyone else to adopt it before you.”

A good test to see how good your online profile is, Steve said, was to Google yourself in real estate and score yourself out of 10. 

Steve added: “It is a great time to be an agent because there are so many free platforms to use to increase your online profile.

“There is great support to help you look professional and I have done my job in three countries and it is unrivalled here.

“We are blessed with the best real estate coaches and they put their advice online for free.”

Steve pointed to three videos which can help agents to improve their social presence.

1. Tom Panos talking about marketing, social media, video and agent profiling. Click here.
2. Five steps to create a world class LinkedIn profile. Click here
3. Gavin Rubinstein on using social media effectively. Click here.