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Beware of employment agreement email

28 February 2017

The Real Estate Employers’ Federation (REEF) is warning agents about an email being sent to real estate employers offering an alternative employment agreement template to REEF’s own version.

REEF Chief Executive Officer Bryan Wilcox said that it had sought specialist legal advice in response to the emails to find out about the content, structure and enforceability of this alternative agreement. 

He explained: “Having received and considered the legal advice, REEF strongly recommends that members exercise extreme caution if considering use of this alternative employment agreement template.

“REEF provides its own range of employment agreement templates which can be found on our website.  

“These have been specifically tailored to the real estate industry, are regularly reviewed and are provided to our members as part of their membership.  

“As such, we are comfortable that our Employment Agreements better protect you in the relationship between you and your employees, including the legally complex area of post-employment obligations.”

Anyone who has received this email can call REEF for advice on 02 9261 2666 or 1300 616 170.