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New NCAT scenario-based videos

13 October 2016

A series of videos have been launched by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to help people prepare for their hearing.

The four videos deal with common matters heard by NCAT. These include a home building conflict, the review of a government agency’s decision and the appointment of a guardian and financial manager for a person with a disability.

It also includes a tenancy dispute where the judge ruled the tenancy agreement was terminated and the tenant was ordered to pay back the money owed.

Attorney General Gabrielle Upton said: “This new online resource will help people understand and prepare for the NCAT’s processes and deliver fast and fair justice.

“The scenario-based videos dramatise each step of the NCAT process from lodging an application through to case preparation, the hearing and the decision.”

The videos are designed for self-represented parties, but will assist anyone appearing before NCAT or wanting to learn more about the tribunal’s services.

In 2015-16, more than 82,000 NCAT hearings were held in over 70 locations across NSW, with 34% of hearings in regional areas.

The majority of hearings are less formal than court proceedings and are designed to create an environment where people can put forward their case effectively without legal representation.

In January 2014, NCAT replaced a complex network of 22 NSW tribunals with four easy to navigate divisions – Consumer and Commercial, Administrative and Equal Opportunity, Guardianship, and Occupational.

The videos are available here, in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Greek and Vietnamese.