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Underquoting briefing boosts confidence on new laws

4 March 2016

A highlights video reel of the REINSW latest underquoting session, where real estate professionals get tips and advice on how to comply with the new underquoting laws, is available to view. 

Concerns over how to price a property was the hot topic raised at the latest REINSW industry briefing on the new underquoting laws brought in by the government on 1 January.

The information session gave real estate professionals a chance to hear from and ask questions of REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin and President John Cunningham, who helped NSW Fair Trading to draft the new legislation.


NSW Fair Trading were also in attendance and revealed they have seen a remarkable improvement since it was introduced.

You can view a highlights video below to find out more.

Andrew Colagiuri, Director of Bright Residential, attended the course after reading about it on the REINSW website.

After attending the course he said: “I feel a lot more confident that we are complying with the legislation, which will be really helpful to me and my staff.

“I would recommend attending this REINSW session as it improves your knowledge and makes you feel comfortable you’re doing the right thing.”


The last remaining REINSW underquoting sessions are being held in Dee Why on 8 March and Penrith on 17 March. 

The sessions provide an explanation of the new laws and provide advice on how to apply them in practice.

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