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How to handle noise complaints

South Coast Holidays Director Perrie Croshaw has added a ‘noise complaints’ section in their Terms and Conditions as part of the security deposits to ensure everyone enjoys their stay.

The noise complaint section stems from the Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2008, which restricts the playing of loud musical instruments and sound systems that disturb neighbours after 10pm from Sunday to Thursday.

“Guests are expected to respect their neighbours and the local community. In the event that representatives of South Coast Holidays are required to contact the guest or attend the property during the occupation period as a consequence of noise complaints or complaints as to the guest’s behaviour by neighbouring property owners, the sum of $100 will be deducted from the security deposit,” Ms Croshaw said.

“A second or subsequent breach may lead to the immediate termination of the agreement and loss of the security deposit in full. Loud music, televisions or any other excessive noise will not be permitted between 10pm and 7am.

“We implemented this condition in order to minimise any upset and inconvenience for neighbours. One of the strongest objections from ratepayers in our region to holiday rental was 'lack of amenity' caused by rowdy holiday makers.

“We rent properties in quiet beachside or rural areas. The last thing we want is our guests disturbing neighbours by playing loud music or making loud noises after hours, so we point out to guests the Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation."

South Coast Holidays have never had to evict people because of continuing noise, however once they had an unusual situation.

“We had to call guests up because they were having so much fun playing tennis using the Wii, which was provided at the property. They didn't realise that with all the doors open, the noise was travelling. Once we called them to say a neighbour had complained, they closed the doors and kept their laughing and whooping to a more reasonable level."

Ms Croshaw said she would recommend this system and believes that short-term holiday rental in private homes, a unique experience in itself, is as much about the community as it is about the guests staying in properties.

Ms Croshaw understands that the majority of guests are attracted to the South Coast region because of the location. Most of South Coast Holidays properties are located in quiet beachside or rural areas, which provides them with this atmosphere.

“We love helping people come with family or a group of friends to enjoy holiday time with each other. However, this should not come at the inconvenience of neighbours or other visitors who come to soak in the quiet of our regional locations," Ms Croshaw said.

“Our councils (Kiama and Shoalhaven) permit holiday rental in private homes as long as these are managed well. We believe that preventing excess noise is a significant part of this management.”