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14 November 2023

Over the last few years, our professional and private lives have been seamlessly switching between face-to-face and virtual interactions – and, in many ways, this has made our everyday activities more efficient, saving both time and money. But, when it comes to learning, it gets personal.

According to Aaron Barber, there’s no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to achieving your learning goals.

“While some people love the interaction that a classroom environment fosters, others thrive on the flexibility of online training,” he said. “So, at REINSW, we’re focused on providing a range of learning options to cater for the different learning styles and preferences of our members and the wider industry.”

Recognising that different people learn in different ways and have different work and lifestyle constraints, REINSW has a comprehensive calendar of qualification, CPD and skills-based courses, which includes classroom and online training.

REINSW’s focus is, always has been and always will be on quality. The Institute takes great pride in the quality of its courses and we are committed to providing the training that all agents need.
Aaron Barber, REINSW Training Manager

“Agents are looking for courses that are tailored to their chosen field of specialisation, as well as their preferred mode of learning,” Aaron said. “REINSW’s focus is, always has been and always will be on quality. The Institute takes great pride in the quality of its courses and we are committed to providing the training that all agents need. We know that the quality of our course content is outstanding and we will continue to draw on our network of industry-leading trainers and experts to enhance this content,

“Whether it’s face-to-face or online, training with REINSW gives you the opportunity to learn from the peak industry body. If you have any questions about your learning options, please give the REINSW Training team a call. We’re always on hand to help.”


  • Feedback is immediate – When you’re in a classroom environment, you can directly interact with instructors and peers in real time. It helps if you’re the type of hands-on learner who likes to ask questions, seek clarification, obtain guidance and engage in discussions. Being in the room with your trainer and other students means you can also tap into non-verbal cues and body language in a way that online learning doesn’t offer.
  • Networking is invaluable – In a face-to-face situation, you never know who you might meet. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals in the real estate industry is a bonus, as you can liaise with property professionals who may become valuable contacts throughout your career. Physical classrooms also provide a friendly social environment where you can connect with peers. This setting also allows for group projects, team collaborations and can give you a deeper perspective on the topics discussed.
  • Structure is a great foundation – If you’re someone who thrives on disciplined learning or simply needs a friendly push to get the task done on time, then face-to-face learning provides that fixed schedule with regular classes and assignment deadlines. The stricter class environment also offers a dedicated learning space that home learning often cannot.
  • A personal approach – Nothing can quite replace the bespoke approach face-to-face learning provides. If you have particular challenges during a course, then the trainer will be able to identify where your weaknesses are and provide extra personalised support.


  • Flexibility and accessibility – For learners with a full ‘to-do’ list and not a lot of free time in conventional hours, online courses can be the way to go thanks to its flexible ‘learn at your own pace’ nature. This type of training is also great for anyone who travels a lot or lives remotely, as it means you can study from the comfort of your home office.
  • Customise the content – While it’s less personal than learning opposite a trainer with your peers around you, online courses can often use adaptive learning technologies that allow students to receive tailor-made content and assessments based on individual strengths, weaknesses and even learning styles.
  • Digital resources at your fingertips – By learning online, you’ll have access to a wide range of material including multimedia presentations, interactive modules, videos, e-books and virtual libraries that you can access when and where you want.
  • Larger pool of collaboration – You may not be in the room with your peers, however online courses allow you to interact and collaborate with students and trainers through forums, chat rooms, video calls and projects promoting meaningful engagement and knowledge sharing.
  • Save on learning – Online courses can be more cost-effective compared to traditional face-to-face courses, which is great for the budget-conscious learner. By studying at home, you can also potentially save on travel and accommodation, or other expenses associated with physically attending classes.
  • Update your career path – When courses are online, you can continue your education while in the workplace. This particularly suits professionals who want flexibility around when they upgrade their skills or gain qualifications without interrupting their 9 to 5 workday.

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