Your Teflon coat

4 January 2022


What does your average day look like? No doubt you cross paths with many, many people throughout the course of your workday – after all, real estate is a people business. But, while we all endeavour to build strong relationships with everyone, there will be those instances where this simply isn’t possible.

There will always be those who have the ability to turn your day into a chaotic mess and, in doing so, increase your anxiety and stress levels. Harbouring negative emotions can be destructive to your wellbeing and may potentially interfere with your ability to make constructive, rational decisions.

So what can you do to protect yourself from the negative impact these people have on your mindset and wellbeing?

“Your Teflon coat will ensure that negative energy won’t stick. Rather, it will slide away and your wellbeing will remain intact.”

Put on your coat

Anxiety and stress can trigger a range of physical changes, including headaches, nausea and tension in your neck and shoulders. But you can protect yourself from these changes by changing your mindset to separate your physical body from your internal feelings and emotions. How? By putting on your Teflon coat to guard against negative energy.

Like the Teflon frypan you use in the kitchen ensures that your scrambled eggs don’t stick, your Teflon coat works in a similar way in the workplace. If you find yourself in a situation where things may turn negative, visualise yourself wearing your Teflon coat. Perhaps you have to deliver some bad news to a client or have an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague and you know there’s every possibility that they will vent their frustration or disappointment at you. Your Teflon coat will ensure that negative energy won’t stick. Rather, it will slide away and your wellbeing will remain intact.

Take off your coat

Just as your Teflon coat can repel negative energy, so too can it do the same with positive energy. You need to take your coat off to give and receive positivity and allow your emotions to be stimulated in the best possible way.

At the end of a tough day at work, remind yourself to take off your Teflon coat. Do something that clears your energy and fosters a positive mindset. Try having a shower as soon as you return home and visualise washing away any negative energy. Or take a few moments to do some deep breathing to expel any bad thoughts.

Remember, to be the best you can be – at work and in your personal life – you need to stay strong and not allow the negativity of others to have an adverse impact on your mindset and wellbeing. Putting on your Teflon coat can help you do just that and allow you to choose the type of energy you’re allowing to impact your life.

ROBYN GLEESON is a committed advocate for wellness in the real estate industry. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, she is a sought-after consultant, mentor and coach. You can connect with Robyn at

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