Your REI Forms Live questions answered

Your REI Forms Live questions answered

4 January 2021

REINSW members across the state have come to rely upon the industry’s leading online agreements and forms product – REI Forms Live. To ensure you’re reaping the benefits of your subscription, we’ve put together the answers to the questions most commonly asked by users.

I’ve just logged into REI Forms Live for the first time. Why aren’t any agreements and forms appearing?

To see a list of all agreements and forms, you need to select the ‘Forms’ option on the left-hand side of the menu, then select ‘New/+’ in the top right-hand corner. Then it’s simply a case of choosing the agreement or form you want from the list.

When you make your selection, you’ll be prompted to enter a description. This should be something that’s easy to identify going forward. REINSW recommends using the address of the property, followed by the client’s name; for example, “123 Pretend Street, Pretendville / John Bloggs”.

Once you’ve entered the description, the relevant agreement or form will open and you can begin entering the necessary details.

Why is there a “draft” watermark on my agreement or form?

The “draft” watermark will appear while you are entering all the details and will remain until you finalise the agreement or form. Finalising the agreement or form means it is ready for execution.

To finalise your agreement or form, click on the ‘Finalise’ icon at the top, which looks like a padlock. A pop-up box will appear asking if you’re sure you want to finalise.

Can I add my agency logo to agreements and forms?

To add your agency logo to agreements and forms, you need to have ‘Principal’ access to REI Forms Live.

Select ‘Account details’ in the left-hand corner of the screen, then click on ‘Logo’, followed by ‘Choose file’. Navigate to find your preferred logo on your computer and then click ‘Open’, followed by ‘Save’.

Your logo must be a JPEG, BMP or PNG file, and the recommended size is 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high (3:2 ratio).

How do I print my agreement or form?

It’s easy. All you need to do is click on the ‘Print’ icon, which looks like a cloud with an arrow. This will download the document to your computer and it’s ready to print.

What are templates and how do they work?

The ‘Templates’ option allows you to create an agreement or form as a template. This is particularly useful where there is data that is commonly and consistently used for a particular agreement or form, and you don’t have to keep entering the same information time and again.

For example, you may want to create a template for a Residential Tenancy Agreement with certain emergency contact details. Creating the template means that each time you need a new Residential Tenancy Agreement, all you need to do is select the template and the emergency contact details will be pre-populated.

How do I add a user to my REI Forms Live account?

You need to have ‘Principal’ access to REI Forms Live in order to add a new user.

To do so, select the ‘Users’ option on the left-hand side of the screen, then click the ‘New user’ button on the top right-hand side. Then it’s simply a case of entering the required details for the new user. Important to note is that the email address must be unique (i.e. multiple users cannot have the same generic email address). Always ensure you select ‘User is active’, as this ensures the new user receives their login details immediately.

How do I change my password to access REI Forms Live?

Simply sign into your REI Forms Live account, select ‘Account details’ in the top left-hand corner and click on ‘My details’. Under ‘Change password’, enter your new password in both the ‘Password’ field and the ‘Confirm’ field. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’.

What does the ‘New Related’ feature do?

This feature allows you to automatically populate information from one agreement or form to another, which has the benefit of saving you time.

For example, you may have already created a Sales Inspection Report and Auction Agency Agreement for 123 Pretend Street, Pretendville. This means you’ll also need to complete an Auction Reserve Price Letter – Residential and Rural Property. By using the ‘Related’ feature, information will be populated from the agreement to the letter.

Simply click on ‘New related’ at the top of the screen and then select the related agreement or form you wish to create. Then it’s a case of entering a description and clicking ‘Create. You’ll be directed to the newly created agreement or form, which will have the common information pre-populated; all you need to do is enter the balance of relevant information.

How do electronic signatures work in REI Forms Live?

Within REI Forms Live, you have the ability to add electronic signatures to your finalised agreements and forms. There are two different ways to do this.

‘Sign on screen’, as the name suggests, allows you to sign on the screen of your tablet or smartphone when you’re in a face-to-face setting with your client. This is equivalent to using a pen and paper.

‘Remote signing’ comes into play when you need an agreement or form to be signed by someone who is not with you. This type of signing requires the agreement or form to be emailed to the person, who then electronically signs it remotely. This is particularly useful with clients who are interstate or overseas.

To use the electronic signature feature, you need a DocuSign account and must authorise REI Forms Live to access that account. To do so, simply select ‘Start authorisation process’ in the DocuSign Connect pop-up box and complete your DocuSign account details.

REINSW members can purchase a DocuSign subscription from within REI Forms Live at the heavily discounted price of $198 per user, per year.

REINSW recommends that agreements and forms are DocuSign enabled. To check this is the case, select the ‘Forms’ option on the left-hand side of the screen, then select ‘New/+’ in the top right-hand corner. You’ll see at small green box with ‘Sign’, indicating that it is DocuSign enabled.

What is the ‘Forms Resources’?

This section of REI Forms Live provides you with access to additional forms to download, as well as links to various NSW Fair Trading forms.

In addition, there are links to many disclosures and checklists, as well as Acts and Regulations relevant to the real estate industry.

REINSW agreements and forms

REINSW agreements and forms set the industry standard and are the most widely-recognised agreements and forms available.

Tried, tested and legally compliant

As the peak industry body, REINSW is your most trusted source of accurate, comprehensive and compliant agreements and forms. They’re legally compliant and 100 per cent backed by REINSW.

Developed, tested and proven time and again over many years, REINSW agreements and forms have been drafted with your interests in mind and to provide you with the best protection. They’re continually reviewed and updated to incorporate legislative changes and user feedback.

You can rely on the fact that they will protect you and your business.

Paper or online – It’s your choice

REINSW agreements and forms are available in paper format and online via REI Forms Live. You can choose the format that best suits your needs.

Whether you choose to use paper agreements and forms or complete them online, the format and content remains the same ensuring consistency in your office.

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