REINSW welcomes three new members to the Board of Directors

REINSW welcomes three new members to the Board of Directors

9 November 2020

The REINSW is delighted to announce the appointment of three new members to our Board of Directors – Amanda Gould, Thomas McGlynn and Edwina Brown.

These experienced real estate professionals were officially welcomed following REINSW’s Annual General Meeting on 5 November 2020; they offer a wealth of knowledge and diverse skills covering sales, buying trends, auctioneering and property management.

The REINSW Board of Directors is committed to elevating industry standards, continually improving the value of membership and boosting the relevance and recognition of REINSW in the community.

Amanda Gould
Buyers’ agent with HighSpec Properties

After buying her first property when she was just 18, Ms Gould has been hooked on real estate. She successfully invested and flipped property before forging a successful career as a buyers’ agent setting up her own business HighSpec Properties. Ms Gould is the first Buyers’ Agent to be elected to the REINSW Board of Directors.

“I’ve previously applied so it is third time lucky for me – I think everything does happen at the right time,” Ms Gould said.

“It means a lot for me to be able to contribute - I will be coming to it from another perspective offering a different voice on the Board which hasn’t been heard before.”

Buyers’ Agents were recently added to the front page of a sales contract, which she believes was a great step forward for the profession. At the same time, Ms Gould is keen to play a role in making changes that will benefit everyone in the property industry.

“It is a great opportunity to come together and make sure we have a collaborative approach,” she said.

Thomas McGlynn
Head of Sales and Chief Auctioneer at BresicWhitney

With 16 years of real estate experience, Mr McGlynn is proud to join the REINSW Board particularly at a challenging time as the world adjusts to COVID-19. He is passionate about the industry moving forward, as well as highlighting the integral role played by the REINSW in assisting its members.

“The next 12 months is going to be pivotal with what happens in the industry following the pandemic,” Mr McGlynn said.

“A lot of businesses are going to need strong leadership and support and I feel that is where we - as a Board - can really make sure we position ourselves to provide the best possible service to our members.”

Mr McGlynn also hopes to lobby for appropriate changes that will create a positive relationship between both the property industry and the community.

“Everyone spends so much energy and time getting through the peak of challenges but there is always a hangover – and it requires long term leadership which I am looking forward to providing as part of the Board,” he said.

Edwina Brown
Principal/Director Yass Real Estate

Growing up on a farm in rural NSW, Ms Brown always planned on studying veterinary science or medicine. But after completing her HSC she decided neither felt right. A few years later she opted to take a break from farming life and took a job as PA at Yass Real Estate. By the end of the first year she had moved into property management and later into sales.

Ms Brown purchased the Yass Real Estate in May 2019 stepping into the role of Agency Director and Licensee in charge. She is thrilled to be able to bring a voice of both independent and rural agents to the REINSW Board of Directors. In particular, she wants to be able to represent those working in the real estate industry who wear multiple hats.

“In small agencies, quite often the selling principal is also the financial controller and the HR person – so changes can impact us very differently to a big business where everyone has a role,” Ms Brown said.

“The way we do things in the country is very different to how things are done in the city, policy changes that work well in metropolitan areas can be diabolical out here - right from tenancy legislation to employment legislation.”


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