Agency Services

Chapter Committee

Chapter Chair

Kelly Petrini
Cobden & Hayson

Deputy Chapter Chair

Cameron Nicholls
Nicholls & Co Estate Agents

Committee Member

Bree Higgins

Committee Member

Cassandra Lantry
Leah Jay

Committee Member

Nicole MacGee
The Agency

Committee Member

Lilli McMorrow
The Agency

Committee Member

Kristy Neville
REINSW Membership

Committee Member

Nancy Rainbird

Committee Member

Kylie Walsh
Di Jones Real Estate

Board Representative

Ewan Morton
Morton Real Estate

Chapter goals

The goals for the Agency Services Chapter Committee are:

  • To raise the profile of practitioners working in agency support roles
  • To promote a better understanding of the essential role of agency support practitioners
  • To build a support network for practitioners working in agency support roles
  • To provide help and advice to Chapter members
  • To deliver relevant and interesting information to Chapter members
  • To promote the benefits of Chapter membership