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Webinar | Implementing Supervision Guidelines Manual

Don’t leave compliance until the last minute! The 1 April 2021 deadline will be upon us all before we know it and agents MUST be compliant with NSW Fair Trading’s Supervision Guidelines by that date.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/12. December/Thumbnail CPD webinar.jpg

Webinar | CPD Training Requirements

Don't get caught out! The requirement to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training no longer aligns to your licence renewal date.

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Webinar | COVID-19 Update and Q & A

A webinar discussing the new COVID-19 regulations which commenced during the Christmas Break including the most asked questions answered.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/12. December/Thumbnail CPD webinar.jpg

Webinar | Everything you need to know about the 'new CPD'

Tim and Leanne are joined by REINSW Training Manager Nerida Wood to explain the key changes to the CPD framework.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/12. December/Intro property tax.jpg

Webinar | Property tax reforms ft. NSW Treasury

The way property is taxed undoubtedly needs reform but is a switch from stamp duty to a ‘land’ or ‘property’ tax any better? Tim and Leanne are joined by guests from NSW Treasury.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/Intro cyber.jpg

Webinar | An introduction to cyber fraud

Did you know that the real estate industry is a preferred target for cyber criminals? In this webinar Tim and Leanne will be joined by Jonathan Martin, Investigations & Training Director, Global Security at Macquarie Group.

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NSW Budget 2020-21

REINSW President Leanne Pilkington and CEO Tim McKibbin discuss the NSW Budget and the proposed changes to property taxation.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/SUPERVISION GUIDELINES INTRO.jpg

REINSW Supervision Guidelines Manual – explainer video

A guide to creating your own manual and checklists for the protection of your business.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/Intro insolvency.jpg

Webinar | Insolvency 101 – What every business owner should know

In this webinar Tim and Leanne are joined by Matthew Kelly, Founder and Managing Director of Krodok, to talk about insolvency and how to avoid it.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/SUPERVISION GUIDELINES INTRO.jpg

Webinar | Ultimate guide to the REINSW Supervision Guidelines Manual

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin and Realtair’s Heidi Campbell provide a summary of the 2020 Guidelines and why you need to follow them; detailed information on how to use the platform; as well as how-to instructions on customising your own Manual.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/Intro Martin Lakos.jpg

Podcast | What does the future hold for the real estate industry

Martin Lakos, Division Director at Macquarie Bank provides a global update and expert insights in a changing world.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/Intro mental health.jpg

Webinar | Tools and techniques for dealing with life’s challenges

Ahead of World Mental Health Day which is observed on 10 October every year, Tim and Leanne are joined by Shannon Cummings for a free webinar to support the real estate industry.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/10. October/Intro Helpline.jpg

Webinar | REINSW Helpline – Your questions answered

Answering over 10,000 calls each year, the REINSW Helpline team has over 75 years’ practical experience in the real estate industry. In this webinar Tim and Leanne are joined by two of our Helpline team members Marie Babka and Robert Anderson.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/9. September/Intro agents tax.jpg

Webinar | ATO – What real estate employees can and can't claim

In this webinar Tim is joined by Kendal Hawken, Director, Australian Tax Office to discuss work related expenses including working from home during COVID-19, and what real estate employees can and can’t claim.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/9. September/Intro sustainable.jpg

Webinar | How to run a sustainable buyers’ agency – Tips for success

This webinar is part one in a three-part series. Our experienced panel of presenters discuss the importance of having a sustainable business and offer tips for increased success.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/9. September/_Intro landlords.jpg

Webinar | ATO – What landlords can and can't claim

Tim is joined by Peta Lonergan from the ATO to discuss investment properties, what landlords should consider when dealing with tenants, rent reductions and arrears and which expenses can and can't be claimed on an investment property during tax time.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/9. September/Intro Media Coach.jpg

Webinar | How to build a world-class agent brand online

Imogen Callister aka The Media Coach shares her secrets to building a world-class agent brand online so you can win more appraisals and sell more property on social media.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/8. August/Intro inroom onsite auctions.jpg

Webinar | In-room vs. on-site auctions

Selling your home at auction has a raft of well-known benefits. But when it comes to the auction itself, where is the best place to hold an auction and why?

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/9. September/Intro Trish Doyle.jpg

Webinar | COVID-19 and helping women in times of trouble

Tim and Leanne are joined by Trish Doyle, Shadow Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence. They discuss the issues COVID-19 has created for vulnerable women and what we in the real estate industry can do to help.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/8. August/Intro COVID Safe.jpg

Webinar | COVID Safety at auctions and open homes

Tim and Leanne are joined by Matthew Whitton, Director Consumer, Building & Property at NSW Department of Customer Service to find out exactly what the requirements are for open homes and auctions this weekend.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/8. August/Intro COVID time agent.jpg

Webinar | Key attributes of a successful COVID time agent

How can you add value as a real estate agent in these uncertain times? Tim and Leanne are joined by John Cunningham to discuss the key attributes of the COVID-time agent, and the COVID-19 changes that could last long-term.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/8. August/Intro Beyond Blue.jpg

Webinar | Beyond Blue – Looking after your mental health

Tim and Leanne are joined by Linda Sheahan from Beyond Blue who offers practical advice and tips for managing your own mental health and looking out for those around you.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/8. August/Intro Chris Lamont.jpg

Webinar | What support is available for small businesses in NSW?

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin is joined by the NSW Small Business Commissioner, Chris Lamont. They talk about the services the Small Business Commissioner provides and what support is available to small businesses.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro privacy in real estate.jpg

Webinar | Privacy in real estate

Staying compliant today has become extremely complicated. Lee Woodward interviews Kristen Porter for insight into the compliance and legals of the real estate industry.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Leisha.jpg

Webinar | The impact of COVID-19 on Strata

Tim and Leanne are joined by Leisha de Aboitiz to discuss the changes in the strata space as a result of COVID-19, including the introduction of emergency legislation.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/Intro cyber security.jpg

Webinar | Cyber risk impacting professionals in property transactions

Tim and Leanne are joined by Simone Herbert-Low, Director of Law & Cyber. They discuss cyber risk cyber risk impacting professionals in property transactions.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Ewan Morton.jpg

Webinar | How COVID-19 is changing the business of real estate

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin is joined by Ewan Morton to discuss the ways in which COVID-19 is changing the business of real estate and how you can respond to these changes.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro property tax.jpg

Webinar | What you need to know about property and tax depreciation

It’s tax time again! This 30-minute webinar will provide an overview of what managers can do to add value by assisting clients to claim their entitlements in their tax return.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Minister Anderson.jpg

Webinar | Coming out of economic hibernation

Tim and Leanne were joined by The Hon. Kevin Anderson, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation to learn about the plans for bringing New South Wales’ economy out of hibernation.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Wayne Pearce.jpg

Webinar | Leaders Going Beyond 20/21

REINSW Past President John Cunningham is joined by guest speakers Wayne "Junior" Pearce and Charles Baynie to introduce you to an evidence based behavioural model that teaches people how to respond to others to achieve the best outcomes in the moment

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Justine McDonald.jpg

Webinar | How has COVID-19 affected mortgage lending?

Tim and Leanne are joined by finance specialist Justine McDonald to guide you through the mortgage maze and the changes in the lending space due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/7. July/Intro Mark Banasiak.jpg

Webinar | What is Government doing to help the real estate industry?

Tim and Leanne are joined by NSW Upper House Member, Mark Banasiak. They discuss what Government is currently doing to support the real estate industry, what more needs to be done, and why the property services industry should be removed from NSW Fai

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/Intro Andrew Wilson.jpg

Webinar | What's really happening in the housing market?

Tim and Leanne are joined by Australia’s leading independent property economist, Dr. Andrew Wilson, to discuss the current state and future prospects of the housing market in New South Wales.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/Intro Lee Woodward.jpg

Webinar | Value Performance Advertising

Leading Australian real estate trainer and industry advisor Lee Woodward, will coach you on Value Performance Advertising - the technique of communicating to all prospective sellers that you only get one chance to present your property to the marketp

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/On camera skills webinar intro.jpg

Webinar | On camera skills – presentation and communication

We’re spending more and more time on our computers and meeting virtually, via video conferencing. TV presenter and producer Lochie Daddo shares his secrets to success when it comes to being on screen.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/Intro Julia Finn.jpg

Webinar | Shortcomings and gaps in tenancy arrangements post COVID-19

Tim and Leanne are joined by Julia Finn, Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection and Shadow Minister for Carers. They discuss the gaps in current tenancy arrangements and the COVID-19 residential tenancy support package now that Australia is official

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/6. June/Intro Chris Hanley.jpg

Webinar | What’s next for real estate after COVID-19?

Life is slowly returning normal, but what exactly will “normal” look like for the real estate industry in a post-coronavirus world? Tim and Leanne are joined by Chris Hanley, Principal of First National Byron Bay, to discuss what’s next for real esta

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Intro Josh Phegan.jpg

Webinar | How to rapidly list in tightening conditions with Josh Phegan

Tim and Leanne are joined by Josh Phegan - internationally renowned go-to speaker, trainer and coach for high-performance real estate agents and agencies. This is a must see for sales agents.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/REIQC webinar intro.jpg

Webinar | REI QuiContract – the quicker way to sell

Lizzie Tang demonstrates REI QuiContract – an online program which revolutionises the sales process and helps home sellers get their properties to market quicker than ever before.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Intro Jet Xavier.jpg

Webinar | Coping through tough times with Jet Xavier

REINSW President Leanne Pilkington is joined by Jet Xavier - Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach in the real estate sales industry.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Marketing Property intro.jpg

Webinar | Marketing property - embracing new ways to succeed

Don’t be left behind with outdated property marketing approaches. Betty Ockerlander, Cathy Baker and Matt Nicastri discuss how they have adapted to a new way of marketing.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | REI Super – COVID-19 & Your Superannuation

Tim McKibbin is joined by Jarrod Coysh and Sharlene Jamieson from REI Super to discuss the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on your superannuation.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Online auctions intro.jpg

Webinar | Online Auctions - The Way Forward

Expert auctioneers Clarence White, James Pratt and Jesse Davidson share practical advice about online auctions and how they work.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Foor in the door intro.jpg

Webinar | Foot in the Door - Community Information for Property Managers

Lauren Brown of YFoundations offers property managers insight into the community services available to assist tenants currently facing challenges.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/5. May/Intro Tanja Lee.jpg

Webinar | Elevate your Real eSTATE of Mind with Tanja Lee

This straight talking session, facilitated by REB ‘Mentor of the Year 2019’ Tanja Lee, is filled with simple and easily implementable practices to remain focussed, purposeful and productive, both personally and professionally during these unprecedent

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | Commercial Regulation (NSW) in Practice

Leanne and Tim are joined by Linda Rudd, Partner and Head of Asset Management Services at Knight Frank Australia, to discuss practical applications of NSW Regulation.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | Retail And Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2020 (NSW)

Leanne Pilkington and Tim McKibbin discuss the Retail and Other Commercial Leases COVID-19 Regulation 2020 (NSW).You can also download the full presentation as a PDF.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | COVID-19 Property Market Update

Leanne and Tim are joined by John Cunningham to discuss current market trends and market predictions, as well as the measures John has implemented within his business.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | Residential Tenancies Amendment (COVID-19) Regulation 2020

Leanne Pilkington and Tim McKibbin are joined REINSW President Leanne Pilkington will be joined by Fiona Blayney to discuss the Residential Tenancies Amendment (COVID-19) Regulation 2020 and Residential Property Management Relief Package.

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/images/REINSW_Images/WOD/2020/3. Mar/Coronavirus webinar intro.png

Webinar | Commercial Leasing Principles During COVID-19

Leanne Pilkington and Tim McKibbin are joined by Sue Woodall and Michael Miller from the Small Business Commissioner to discuss the Mandatory Code of Conduct.

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