Chapter Committee

The Committee aims to foster the exchange of practice knowledge among members 
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Vacancy Rates

View the latest  Vacancy Rate Survey Result
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NCAT news

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New tenant checklist

NSW Fair Trading has released an updated Fact Sheet (dated April 2016) which should be supplied to the tenant at the start of every tenancy. You can download this checklist as a PDF by clicking here.

This is also available in print version from the Store.
To contact the Store please email or call (02) 9264 2343

Swimming Pools

On the 29 April 2016 changes to the swimming pool regulations will come into effect. This is your one stop resources page.
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Strata Reform

More than 90 changes to the strata laws will commence on 30 November 2016. 
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Smoke Alarms

Property managers (as agent for the landlord), landlords and tenants have specific responsibilities in regards to smoke alarms.
View REINSW's Position Statement on Smoke
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Residential Tenancy Agreement

The Residential Tenancy Agreement (FM00401) is available to purchase in both paper and electronic formats (REI Forms Live). 

To purchase hard copy forms, please download the Order Form or call (02) 9264 2343.

To contact the REI Forms Live support team please email or call (02) 9264 2343.

Education and Training
We've brought together our training courses for property managers.
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Member-only Helpline

Get practical advice on any property management question from the helpline team of licensed and experienced agents.
Call (02) 9264 2343 (option 4)

Rental Bonds Online top tips

Top tips from NSW Fair Trading Department of Finance, Services and Innovation on issues that affect Property Managers using Rental Bonds Online.
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