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:: Holiday and short-term rentals
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A mobile population
People are moving about more frequently and rapidly these days. Advances in communications and transport have made the world much more interconnected. Much of economy relies upon people who move between different cities, towns, states and countries to achieve short-term contracts and projects.

The REINSW Holiday and Short Term Rentals Chapter is at the forefront of interaction with this mobile population, who usually require furnished accommodation for periods varying from a few weeks up to about three months.

“The motivations of the mobile population are varied and include business and work, education, sabbaticals, holidays and visiting friends and families,” said Justin Butterworth, Chair of the Chapter.

“Learning to understand this population is critical as the world shrinks.”

While short-term rentals cater to these people when they are looking to rent, there are also opportunities for agents looking to manage these peoples’ properties when they are travelling.

Expatriat Australians are a good example of property owners who may be interested in renting out their properties short-term. There are now over one million Australians living overseas, many of whom return to Australia regularly. Australians now move even more around the world, beyond the traditional expat havens of Europe and North America. The growth in business in East and South Asia as well as Dubai attracts many Australians. Many of these expats look to rent out their properties while they are overseas, sometimes for short stints and sometimes for longer periods of time.

Australians also move much more frequently around the country, with many keeping their house as an investment property until they return.

These properties also represent an important source of housing for the mobile population. With short-term and holiday rentals currently under threat in some areas, REINSW is working hard to ensure that this type of accommodation remains into the future. 

To find out more about holiday and short-term rentals, contact REINSW on (02) 9264 2343.