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Sydney among top investment markets
Survey finds the city ranks high for commercial investment this year.

Sydney was named the third most favourable market in the Asia Pacific region for commercial real estate investment this year, thanks mostly to the resilience of the Australian economy, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2012.

Jointly published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Emerging Trends provides an outlook on Asia Pacific real estate investment and development.

Covering 21 markets in the Asia Pacific region, it is based on the opinions of more than 360 internationally renowned real estate professionals, including investors, developers, property company representatives, lenders, brokers and consultants.

In addition to moving into third place from last year’s sixth-place ranking for investment potential, the Sydney’s ranking for development prospects improved notably from the 2011 report, moving from 16th to ninth place.

Sydney was one of only two markets to receive an improved individual rating score for development prospects.

“Foreign purchasers are seeing Australian property assets as a good, stable income return, which is favorable because they are not paying the high cost of debt,” the report states. As a result, property acquisitions in Sydney are projected to remain steady in 2012.

For Asia Pacific as a whole, Emerging Trends points out that economic woes in the United States and Europe are weighing upon local economies across the Asia Pacific region as well as investor sentiment in Asia and Australian real estate markets.

"The Australian property market continues to perform well,” PwC Real Estate Leader James Dunning said.

''Investors are drawn to the Australian economy's overall resilience, high transparency levels and its exposure to China. Sydney is now one of the lowest-risk markets of anywhere in the Asia Pacific region.

“It's now considered the third most attractive investment destination and ninth most popular development location.

The Urban Land Institute is a global nonprofit education and research institute supported by its members.

Top five investment markets for 2012

In addition to Sydney, other investment markets listed as the top choices for 2012:
  1. Singapore
    Claiming the top spot for a second consecutive year.
  2. Shanghai
    Ranked second for the second consecutive year.
  3. Sydney
    Ranked sixth last year.
  4. Chongqing
    Included for the first time this year.
  5. Beijing
    Ranked seventh last year.