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Stores still vital for online shopping
Released 31 October 2011

While fashion savvy consumers have embraced online shopping, stores remain vital part of retail sales with 90 per cent of shoppers visiting stores to view a product before buying online, a CBRE study has revealed.   

The survey - which canvassed the opinions of more than 10,000 shoppers – found two in five people, or 40 per cent, now shop online, with clothing and footwear among the internet’s fastest growing retail categories.

When online shopping first emerged, it was widely assumed that clothing would rely on the “touch and feel” of the in-store experience, but only 33 per cent of people CBRE surveyed said this was important or extremely important before buying.

While the CBRE study canvassed European consumers, CBRE Senior Manager, Retail Services, James McNeill said the results were likely to be closely monitored by Australian retailers given the intense focus on the impact of online retailing.

“Although it’s clear that an online presence is now vital for any leading international brand, our research shows that the most successful retailers are those who understand how consumer channels such as online and in-store combine to create a truly multi-channel offering,” Mr McNeill said.

“A store supplemented with an online presence is the best of both worlds in most cases.”