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REI Super and MetLife launch eApply for members
Released 27 September 2011

REI Super, the industry super fund for real estate professionals, and group life insurer MetLife Insurance Limited in Australia have announced the launch of eApply for REI Super members.  

eApply is an online insurance application that allows REI Super members to complete their application for life, total and permanent disability or salary continuance insurance in less than eight minutes.

Importantly, it provides connectivity between the insurer, fund administrator and member via REI Super's website.

REI Super CEO Mal Smith said: "The fund is pleased to be able to offer this solution to our members, and in doing so streamline the insurance application process. The ability for eligible members to receive immediate underwriting for their insurance cover underscores our commitment to providing a superior level of service and product offerings to our members.

"We recognise that our members have differing insurance needs, are technologically savvy and time poor. eApply assists them to calculate their insurance needs, apply for cover, and in most cases obtain an immediate assessment - all through the portal of the fund website," Smith said.

REI Super members can apply for life, disability and income protection insurance online at