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NSW needs 'can do' planners
Released 5 January 2012

Property development industry group Urban Taskforce has welcomed the Planning Institute of Australia’s submission to the review of the NSW planning system.     

Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson said while most of the key issues were now on the table, one critical omission was the culture of the planners who will ultimately operate a new Planning Act.

"The Planning Institute's own submission to the review raised the issue of the risk adverse culture in NSW that was slowing down approvals,” he said.

The submission outlines the economic importance to the state of eliminating unnecessary delay and costs in the planning system.

"The Planning Institute suggests a number of ways to improve the culture of planning including having a positive attitude to change and a "can do" attitude,” Mr Johnson said.

"They also call for recognition of the bigger picture and a call for courageous leaders and champions.”