18 February 2019

Looking for training? REINSW has you covered

Throughout the 100-year history of REINSW, there's been a lot of change to the real estate industry. Yet the power and importance of learning remains constant.

Helping property professionals grow and develop in their careers through continued professional development, and preparing them for what lies ahead, is a key focus for REINSW (think Pathway to Professionalism, 5 ways to licence, Industry Summit and WIRE).

REINSW empowers agents to get the most out of their learning experience by:

  • Teaching you current best practice and setting you up for the future
  • Encouraging you to think practically about how to use your knowledge in the real world
  • Equipping you with a breadth and depth of experience in each topic area
  • Providing you with insights from expert trainers
  • Giving you a fun, interesting, engaging and memorable experience

Now is the time to start your Certificate IV?

For more than a decade, REINSW has lobbied to professionalise the real estate industry. And over the last several years, we’ve worked closely with the NSW Government to ensure the reform package meets the needs of the industry. In 2018, the package was passed.

Despite no further information regarding the implementation of the training reforms from NSW Fair Trading, one thing is for sure: change is coming and it will affect you.

If you hold a current Certificate of Registration, you have a window of opportunity to upskill before the training reforms are introduced.

Register to complete your Certificate IV in Property Services today and you can become a licensed real estate agent before the reforms come into effect.

This means you can continue to perform all your current functions and maintain your career progression.

So whether you’re just starting out in real estate or want to take the next step in your career, REINSW is here to support you.

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