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REINSW lobbies NSW Opposition Leader

17 November 2017

REINSW recently attended a special luncheon, hosted by the Associations Forum, with Luke Foley, the Leader of the Opposition in NSW. During the forum we raised a number of issues facing the property industry.

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said: “REINSW always takes the opportunity to speak directly to those people in a position of influencing policy legislation, as it affects the property industry.

“There was a whole raft of different industry associations there and it was really interesting that many of them brought up housing affordability as a major issue for them.

“For example, some said it affected them retaining staff because they were leaving the area because they could not afford houses.

“I raised the issue of affordability, property taxation and the problems with planning with Mr Foley. The current planning system is cumbersome and there is ample opportunity for people to look at improvements in this area.

“Councils need to provide certainty when it comes to development applications. Currently planning in NSW is not yes, not no, but maybe, which is expensive and the costs get passed down to the consumer.”

Find out more about REINSW’s views on the planning system here.