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People skills are worth their weight in gold

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Finding the right candidate is crucial to the success of your business. Keeping that candidate is harder.

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Bryce Bevan takes out REINSW Novice Auctioneers Competition

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MEDIA RELEASE: Bryce Bevan is announced as the 2019 REINSW NAC champion after a strong competition.

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Residential sales market at a glance

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REINSW CEO comments on the state of the Sydney property market.

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Why landlord insurance is a must

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There are very real risks involved in managing uninsured rental properties. Here's why you should encourage landlords to take out the right insurance.

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A real estate agent’s guide to content marketing

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What is content marketing, why should you do it and how can you do it well?

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Why you should consider RPL: from those who’ve done it

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RPL is the simplest way to achieve the qualification required to obtain your real estate licence – a must ahead of the licensing reforms.

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Sydney rental vacancies remain steady, despite regional fluctuations

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MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW releases its May Residential Vacancy Rate Report.

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Respectful negotiations with selling agents

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A successful negotiation isn't always about winning. It's about representing your client and communicating respectfully.

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Don't be put on show by a savvy buyer

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No auctioneer wants to be outsmarted by a savvy buyer. That's why Briannan Davis recommends knowing your practice inside-out.

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Navigating a unique commercial market

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What advice should you offer clients in this market? Where is the commercial market going? Two leading commercial agents answer your questions.

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Sales agents look forward to spring

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Learn from the bad times and look to the good times, say three NSW sales agents.

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Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act to be repealed

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The Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act will be repealed on 1 July, as part of the NSW Government’s Better Business Reforms package.

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Taming keyboard warriors: dealing with unfavourable strata communications

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How can an email between two strata residents result in $120,000 in damages? Find out...

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REIA President's message to members

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MEDIA RELEASE: REIA President, Adrian Kelly, addresses the appointment of a Minister for Housing.

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