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Asbestos and a strata manager’s responsibility

What should you do if you suspect asbestos in a property you manage?

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Does your strata scheme have combustible cladding: top 3 items to review now!

What can you do to protect a building until remedial action is taken for external combustible cladding?

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Unapproved balcony allowed to stay, says NCAT

In a case of a balcony in need of repair vs. owners corporation, the NCAT decision will surprise you.

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The (high)rise of building defects

The Opal Tower fiasco raises many questions for strata managers.

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Up, down and all around: dealing with adjoining owners

Do you know who owns the ground, air space or adjoining walls surrounding your strata building?

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Strata renewal process update

The Office of the Registrar General has released information and resources on the strata renewal process.

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Have you used the new Strata Mediation Digital Portal?

NSW Fair Trading's Strata Mediation Digital Portal replaces paper applications for dispute resolution.

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New laws relating to combustible cladding

A combustible cladding register will help identify affected buildings to improve consumer safety.

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Industry wins in short-term holiday letting reforms

Changes to short-term holiday letting in NSW provides more protection for agents, owners and tenants.

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REINSW weighs in on holiday letting Code of Conduct

REINSW fights for transparency and accountability in short-term holiday letting Code of Conduct.

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REINSW lobbying pays off: electronic signing passed

The Conveyancing Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (NSW) was assented to yesterday, allowing residential tenancy agreements to be signed and witnessed electronically.

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REINSW clarifies 2015 strata reforms ahead of 2020 review

REINSW's Strata Management Chapter Committee is addressing issues from the Strata Schemes Management Act (NSW) with the support of NSW Fair Trading.

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Residential Tenancies Act Tour to educate agents

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW is taking its knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act changes on tour.

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Call to step up home fire safety this summer

Home fire safety extends beyond the winter months, says Australia's largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services.

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UPDATE: The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018

The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 is now in Parliament and public debate has finally commenced.

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Rental availability increases across Sydney

REINSW's August Vacancy Rate Survey shows rental availability across Sydney is increasing.

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Housing prices continue to fall, says REIA

REIA report shows median house prices are slipping across Australia.

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Real estate cybercrime still on the rise

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting real estate transactions. Find out how one of Australia's Big Banks recommends you protect your business.

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It’s your time – so take it back, says real estate coach

Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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Levy recovery and payment plans: what are the rules?

Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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