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Pre-market popularity surges

Agents are rethinking the way they do business, with pre-market sales resulting in satisfied sellers and buyers, faster transactions and premium prices – all without large marketing spends.

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Your REI Forms Live questions answered

REINSW members across the state have come to rely upon the industry’s leading online agreements and forms product – REI Forms Live.

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The importance of record keeping

Good record keeping is the backbone to any successful real estate business. Industry insiders are quick to point out there are no excuses for an unprofessional paper trail - even if today’s filing cabinets are all digital.

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Keeping your options open

Options are growing in popularity, as more sellers and buyers want flexibility and seek the confidence to invest time and money when pursuing a property deal before entering into a contract for sale.

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Millennials’ journey into the property market won't be like their parents but it's in their sights

The generation that was famously criticised for wasting money on ‘smashed avocado’ are now saving hard to buy their first home, according to new research.

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New Code of Conduct for the short-term rental accommodation industry commences on 18 December

REINSW has sat for many years on an Advisory Committee to assist NSW Fair Trading in developing a Code of Conduct for the short-term rental accommodation (STRA) industry. We have made several submissions, commented on different versions of the Code a

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Influx of buyers to regional areas helping communities regenerate following catastrophic bushfires

After bushfires ripped through 5.3 million hectares across NSW last summer, it was hard to believe anyone would want to rebuild in the devastated areas – let alone move there.

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Seasons meetings – why real estate agents can’t switch off the phone this Christmas

Tinsel and baubles signal the busiest time of the year for many real estate agents, particularly those working in coastal destinations where tourists may decide to make their holiday permanent or buy an investment property.

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Comparable sales: The formula and differing markets

Well-meaning agents can set themselves, and their vendors, up for disappointment if the comparable sales they present aren’t on the money.

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Fighting real estate cybercrime: Know the risks and stay alert

Unsuspecting real estate agents are being tricked into redirecting funds and disclosing sensitive private information with an increasing number of cyberattacks on the Australian property industry.

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NSW Fair Trading inspections: Find out how you can ensure compliance with the rules

NSW Fair Trading’s authorised officers are currently making random visits at open inspections and auctions across the State, checking compliance safety plans are both in place and being implemented.

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REINSW welcomes three new members to the Board of Directors

The REINSW is delighted to announce the appointment of three new members to our Board of Directors – Amanda Gould, Thomas McGlynn and Edwina Brown.

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Curbing COVID-19 claims

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all facets of our lives – not just on a personal level, but also professionally. Here are some practical steps you can take to mitigate the risk of a potential Coronavirus-related claim.

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Helpline heroes

Working in the real estate industry isn’t an easy gig. Laws are constantly changing. Training standards keep moving. And there’s the never-ending battle to ensure compliance. Who can keep up? The REINSW Helpline can – and they’re always on hand.

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Courageous self-leadership

Real estate agents have endured a mountain of pressure in recent months due to the uncertainty, change and stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how you can embrace self-leadership to turn that pressure into performance.

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Relationships for life

Building solid relationships is central to your success as a real estate professional. Why? Because when you invest in people, they’ll invest in you too.

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NSW Government has announced an extension to the moratorium on evictions

We need your help! The NSW Government announced late on Wednesday afternoon a 6-month extension to the measures put in place to help residential tenants and landlords financially disadvantaged by COVID-19.

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How to build a world-class agent brand online

New forms of media are changing the way buyers and sellers make decisions. The Media Coach AKA Imogen Callister, recently shared her secrets with REINSW on how to build a world-class agent brand online.

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New Stock and Station training courses

After a decade long break, REINSW is excited to be offering specialised training for agents looking to become qualified to sell both rural property and livestock.

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Latest advice for auctions and open homes

Late on Friday, the 11th of September 2020, NSW Fair Trading informed REINSW that there was a further amendment to the Public Health Order due to be released and that it would affect the way agents would conduct auctions and open homes going forward.

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