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The untapped value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has experienced significant growth in recent years. Even so, it’s an under-utilised social network and many real estate professionals struggle to leverage its potential to bring real value to their business.

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Embracing the wellness journey

This year, we’re putting wellness in the spotlight. Robyn Gleeson explains why every agency should adopt an attitude of wellness and implement strategies to care for their team. Why? Because the benefits are endless!

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Uniting the industry

Meet Peter Matthews who was announced at the REINSW Annual General Meeting in November 2020, as the President Elect for the next 12 months.

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Operations superstar

Smart, outgoing and dedicated, Caitlin Ellis, from DiJones Real Estate, is a real estate operations whizz with a love of all things related to technology and innovation.

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Take charge of compliance

The 1 April 2021 implementation deadline for the Supervision Guidelines is looming. Here’s what you need to know to ensure compliance.

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Taking trust to the next level

Neil Webster, the winner of the John Greig OAM Community Service category at the 2020 REINSW Awards for Excellence, reveals how community service can set you up for a thriving career, build trust with clients and help make the world a better place.

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Your CPD obligations

Continuing Professional Development has changed and all agents need to understand what their obligations are in accordance with their classification in the licensing structure.

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Build your online brand

There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to show us the importance of building a brand online. Let’s face it, for a while during 2020, digital and social media were our main communication lines with our customers.

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WIRE 2021 - Meet our keynote speaker Manal al-Sharif

The REINSW Women in Real Estate Conference (WIRE) is returning on 10 March 2021, with registrations open now.

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New year, new optimism

2020 was a year like no other. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt across the nation and the real estate industry in New South Wales was certainly not immune. There were challenges and we had to adapt quickly.

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Must-know secrets in search marketing

Search marketing is full of three-letter acronyms. Two of the most important are SEO and SEM. But what do they mean and what’s the difference?

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Pre-market popularity surges

Agents are rethinking the way they do business, with pre-market sales resulting in satisfied sellers and buyers, faster transactions and premium prices – all without large marketing spends.

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Your REI Forms Live questions answered

REINSW members across the state have come to rely upon the industry’s leading online agreements and forms product – REI Forms Live.

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The importance of record keeping

Good record keeping is the backbone to any successful real estate business. Industry insiders are quick to point out there are no excuses for an unprofessional paper trail - even if today’s filing cabinets are all digital.

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Keeping your options open

Options are growing in popularity, as more sellers and buyers want flexibility and seek the confidence to invest time and money when pursuing a property deal before entering into a contract for sale.

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Millennials’ journey into the property market won't be like their parents but it's in their sights

The generation that was famously criticised for wasting money on ‘smashed avocado’ are now saving hard to buy their first home, according to new research.

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New Code of Conduct for the short-term rental accommodation industry commences on 18 December

REINSW has sat for many years on an Advisory Committee to assist NSW Fair Trading in developing a Code of Conduct for the short-term rental accommodation (STRA) industry. We have made several submissions, commented on different versions of the Code a

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Influx of buyers to regional areas helping communities regenerate following catastrophic bushfires

After bushfires ripped through 5.3 million hectares across NSW last summer, it was hard to believe anyone would want to rebuild in the devastated areas – let alone move there.

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Seasons meetings – why real estate agents can’t switch off the phone this Christmas

Tinsel and baubles signal the busiest time of the year for many real estate agents, particularly those working in coastal destinations where tourists may decide to make their holiday permanent or buy an investment property.

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Comparable sales: The formula and differing markets

Well-meaning agents can set themselves, and their vendors, up for disappointment if the comparable sales they present aren’t on the money.

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