Managing auctions during COVID-19 crisis

02 April 2020

As COVID-19 continues to have an enormous impact on the property industry, we are aware that there is currently a lack of clarity regarding how auctions can be conducted.

We appreciate that this is a highly frustrating time for those of you with auctions planned for this Saturday 4 April and beyond. We are working hard to seek clarity from NSW Fair Trading on the COVID-19 related government rules around auctions as quickly as we can.

We are keenly aware that rules may well be superseded which were followed during last weekend’s auctions.In the meantime, we recommend that you err on the side of complete caution. If there are no definitive answers by this Saturday morning and if no other announcement is made by the State or Federal Government before then, we recommend that you follow the rules in the Public Health (Covid-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 dated 30 March 2020. Clause 7(3)(b) states that a person cannot conduct an auction at which persons attend in person.

At this stage, REINSW’s view is that only the auctioneer can attend in person whether it be at the auctioneer’s place of business or in the agent’s office, however, the agent, vendor and bidders are not permitted to physically attend.

We thank you for your patience at this challenging time.

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