Level up to build your best life

8 January 2020

By Sherri Storor

A job in the real estate industry can be bountiful and offer us the flexibility to create the lifestyle we want. But, to build your best life, you need to have a clear vision of what that lifestyle looks like.

It’s important to highlight that your best life is different to everyone else’s. You need to focus on what you want, whether it’s building an empire, retiring early, working less or even giving more back to the community.

What does your best life look like?

This is the first thing that you need to get down on paper.

Get really clear on how you want to live your life and what you want to experience. Think about your health, family, relationships, lifestyle, personal growth, career and finances. It’s important to give this step the time and energy it deserves, as it impacts on how you structure the rest of your life.

How much will your best life cost?

The next step is to figure out the dollar amount that will afford you the ability to live your vision. It may be a stretch from where you are now. Or it may be less. Either way this figure helps set a baseline.

Then work backwards, using this dollar figure as your end goal. It’s time to set goals – quarterly, yearly and long term – to plan out what you need to do to reach this figure.

What do you need to do to achieve your best life?

Once you have your vision and goals mapped out, it’s time to assess what you’re currently doing and find out where you can level up.

This stage can be confronting, as you may be calling yourself out on how you operate. But know that everybody has room for improvement in different areas of their lives. Being really honest with yourself here gives you the leverage to massively level up your success.

  • Audit your current skillset. Are you the best that you can be? Do you need to look at changing the way you’re doing things? What do you need to improve, fix or change?
  • Consider how you are using your time at work. Are you using it productively? Are you being dollar productive?
  • Look at your listing presentation. What is your close rate? Does this need to improve? Your listing presentation is incredibly important. Is there any point in prospecting if you don’t have the ability to close the listing presentation? The listing presentation is the ‘championship event’ – you need to train for it to win.
  • Find your edge. Have you found your edge? What is it that sets you apart from your competitors? When asked this question, are you selling your services and what makes you different as an individual? Or are you just reciting bullet points in the process?
  • Have critical conversations. How strong are you when it comes to critical conversations? This is another part of the process you need to get strong at. I’m talking about all those uncomfortable conversations around price changes, low buyer submissions and revisiting advertising.

By conducting an in-depth audit of your business and all its layers, you’ll be able to see where the holes are and what needs improvement. You may need to consider further education, either through courses or using a coach.

Start with yourself, so you can dominate the marketplace in the letterbox, on digital platforms and offline. You’ll then be able to build from there, adding what you need to achieve your goals – systems, structures, processes or even a team.

The life and level of success you dream of is all within your reach. You’ll have to work hard to put the footings in place, but that hard work will well and truly point you in the right direction to level up your business and build your best life!

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