3 September 2019

How to get a start working in real estate

Ever wondered how you get started working in the real estate industry?

John Addison Cull recently completed his Certificate of Registration course here at REINSW and is now working through his assessments in order to complete the Certificate.

A business student at the University of Technology Sydney, John also works as an inspection liaison for a Sydney landlord. 

How did you enjoy the Certificate of Registration course?

“REINSW is a very impressive and a very professional outfit. The quality of the educators is university- level and better than some of the professors I have dealt with at University. It is where everyone should do their Certificate of Registration. Annette Ferrari and Jacque Parker are very different, but both are absolutely exceptional trainers. They each have separate philosophies and styles of educating but are both outstanding and exceptional. It really was a wonderful educational experience. 

“I enjoyed learning about property legislation and studying the government rules and regulations related to the real estate industry.”

What were the classroom dynamics like?

“I really enjoyed the interaction with the tutors and the classroom dynamics. We had an enthusiastic group and there was interaction with all of us together. There were 16 in the class. It was intimate but large enough to be boisterous without being distracting.

“We were asked to work in teams and to simulate potential real-life situations within the industry. The idea was that this would better prepare us and also develop our confidence moving forward within the industry. The course ran from 9am-4.30pm over four days. The days were enjoyable, and much information was offloaded to and consumed by the students in the class. It was a challenging pleasure.”

Are there any other parts of the course that were interesting to you?

“Just learning about what’s happening in the Australian Real Estate industry. Being exposed to and learning about the current real estate market environment. Learning what factors impact the market with the assistance from REINSW members who have had firsthand experience and were able to inform us in much greater detail.”

How will this course help your real estate career?

“I am seeking a career in real estate management of some kind within the next 12 months. I will be designating five years minimum to the industry – who knows where it will lead? Though I do see the property industry as a vital facet of society and will be involved in it forever.”

What would you like to say to anyone thinking of doing the Certificate of Registration Course at REINSW?

“It is a legal requirement to obtain the Certificate of Registration if you wish to work in the Property industry. REINSW offers an extensive course and the tutors offer a greater understanding of the course material compared to other competitors.

“The more you can educate yourself of the process and the regulatory information the better prepared you will be for any future occurrences or dealings with property management and the real estate market.

“I’m sure REINSW would have to surpass any other institution that offers a similar course. They are the oldest continuing institute in Australia, established in 1910.

“I am definitely planning to pursue further work experience in the real estate industry. I am currently involved in property management, but I’m interested in being involved in many different departments for experience. I intend to do the Buyers’ course next and will likely continue on with the full 12-month real estate licence course at REINSW.”

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