4 July 2019

To blog or to email? That is the question

Do you blog regularly? Perhaps it’s something you’re always intending to do, but it never quite makes it to the top of your list.

Maybe you have an email list, but you haven’t sent a newsletter in ages. You might even think email newsletters are dead (or at least old fashioned), and you’re better off building connections through social media.

The truth is, blogging and email newsletters are still two of the best ways – if not the best ways – to connect with potential clients. And if you’re not using them, you’re really missing out.

Working hand in hand

Blogging adds value when it comes to your content marketing strategy. Email newsletters do too. But which should you spend your time on?

Blog posts and email newsletters work best when they work together.

When it comes to blogging there’s no shortage of topics. Market reports, neighbourhood profiles, ‘how to’ lists, lifestyle tips, community events – the list goes on. People google hot topics to learn more and if you have posts on your blog covering these topics, your odds of engaging your audience are higher.

Giving your readers valuable information allows you to position yourself as the go-to expert and keeps them coming back for more.

Now that you have great blog posts on your website, you can collate them in your email newsletter. This way your newsletter serves as a preview reel and encourages readers to visit your website.

Beyond blog content, you can spice up your email newsletter by including other content. Share interesting articles from industry thought leaders, latest auction clearance rates, great tweets and other social media updates.

This kind of collation highlights that you’re more than a subject matter expert. You become a hub of knowledge.

Working hand in hand, your blog and email newsletter are powerful tools. By providing interesting and reliable content, they’ll keep your agency top of mind and drive engaged leads.

Time well spent

Whether it’s a blog post or your email newsletter, feature content you’re passionate about and that interests you. It doesn’t have to be all about real estate all the time. Your readers will appreciate getting to know more about you and what makes you tick.

Remember, time spent on your real estate blog and email newsletter is time well spent.

Why blog?

  1. Boost your Google ranking. Adding new blog posts to your website on a regular basis will please the Google gods and help your SEO
  2. Strengthen your social presence. Blog posts are a great source of content to share across your social networks and a strong foundation for your social media strategy
  3. Position yourself. Covering a topic in detail in a blog post allows you to share your knowledge and establish a reputation as a subject matter expert
  4. Engage your audience. Blog posts encourage readers to leave comments and interact with you, which helps to build relationships both online and offline
  5. Highlight your knowledge. Blog posts are generally knowledge based not promotional, so your audience won’t be turned off by a sales pitch

Why email?

  1. Showcase your agency. Email newsletters are usually more company centric, which means you can include more promotional content (such as new listings) and agency news
  2. Push traffic to your website. By including a link with every item in your email newsletter, you can easily drive traffic to your website
  3. Target your audience. Email newsletters allow you to target different segments of your database and direct readers to the content you want them to see
  4. Build your database. Email newsletters are a fantastic lead generation tool. Every person who subscribes is a potential new client
  5. Curate your content. You can cover a lot of ground in a single email newsletter. Rather than a single theme, you can include lots of snippets on a range of topics

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