10 May 2019

Are you prepared for the changing market?

What does the future of real estate hold? Do you have the right skills to succeed? These are questions many agents ask themselves daily. And we can tell you the answers are “who knows?” and “of course you do”.

But it’s still easy to feel lost, stressed and confused when the goal posts constantly move, and the rug never stays under your feet. And that’s why you’re a member of your peak industry body. We cement those posts in place, nail the rug to the floor and shine a light on the future of real estate so you can meet it head on.

Focus on your own development 

Cathy Baker, Principal at Belle Property Killcare, says in a tough market, confidence is the key and agents must focus on their own development to secure their business.

“Agents need to develop a detailed 12-month plan that they’re prepared to commit to,” she says. “The plan needs to include specific targets, a prospecting plan and a marketing strategy.

“Importantly, agents need to have a singular commitment to achieving their best results.”

Remaining relevant and meeting the future

Commitment to the future is the theme of this year’s REINSW Roadshow.

“Change is a constant in the real estate industry,” says Nerida Wood, REINSW Training Manager.

“There are always new regulations, changes to legislation and decisions being made that impact agents’ day-to-day practice. As the peak industry body for real estate, it’s our job to make sure our members are kept up-to-date and stay informed.”

Wood says sales agents are facing disruption on micro and macro levels.

“On a micro level, agents are impacted by unclear legislation, for example the confusion around underquoting,” she says. “On a macro level, they are now competing against new business models emerging in the market and the growing movement towards automation.”

Wood says Roadshow 2019 will highlight issues affecting sales agents and offer practical advice to navigate a successful path forward.

“REINSW CEO, Tim McKibbin, will attend every Roadshow, other speakers include REINSW President, Leanne Pilkington and branding specialists, Imogen Ball and Tara Christianson,” she says.

“Specialist sessions for sales agents will revisit underquoting and the revision of price, look at valid agency agreements and how to protect your commission, and effective cause of sale. 

“These are ongoing issues impacting sales agents and Roadshow is the perfect forum to get more information and have your questions answered.”

Meeting agents in the moment

Wood says being an agent is a rewarding, but tough career.

“Roadshow is designed to meet agents where they’re at – facing a challenging market with pressure to differentiate and diversify, while maintaining a business constantly impacted by legislative changes.

“That’s a lot to take on and agents need to be armed with knowledge,” she says.

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